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Evan interviews that his arms and back are tired from the last Duel, so he's afraid right now. Bluff. Calling it. Katie, Ruthie, and Eric get Katie ready for her Challenge. Eric gives her advice for how to knock a bitch over, and then lets Katie come at him with a bunch of shoulder checks to practice. My heart is so warmed by the sight of Katie shoulder checking Big Easy. Eric thinks Katie has the fire that will help her win. Of course, Jenn's shoulder injury in a game that's basically about shoulder checking should help, too.

Jenn packs her bag when Rachel comes by to ask if she needs anything. Rachel interviews that she has a weakness for Jenn. Outside, Evan bitches to Paula that his arms are sore and tired. He bitches that Nehemiah wants to make a power play but won't call out MJ or Brad. Nehemiah sits inside his Pier 1 "Zen" collection thinking about $3.99/strand prayer beads.

The Duel. The boys will go first. They each sit on platforms and try to raise the other one up by pulling on a chain. Whoever gets his opponent to the top first wins. Nehemiah thinks he can win. MJ interviews that he doesn't like Nehemiah. He's just so "uncomfortable." He's "weird." With his grinning and all. MJ: fine line there. Ruthie interviews that she's rooting for the underdog, no offense to Evan. They start, and everyone interviews about how great Nehemiah is doing. Which means: he's going to lose. Evan is admittedly looking rather lumbering and as we cut to commercials, he seems to be trying to get out of a sitting position, which is against the rules, which Teej is gently trying to point out in the background.

Commercials. The boys are still at it. Nehemiah interviews that he can't even think about defeat because the minute you start to, "it manifests into your existence." Geez, there's not a whole lot I like LESS than Evan these days, but Nehemiah, your strip-mall Buddhism is definitely one of them. Shut it. It's pretty close in the end, but Nehemiah loses, which MTV telegraphed to us so handily with all the overreaching interviews about how poorly Evan was doing. Evan interviews that Nehemiah is a fun sponge. That's what Landon said.

Girls Duel. Push Over is basically what it sounds like: they have to try and push the other off a platform twice. Jenn is worried about her shoulder. Air horn. Isaac interviews that he thinks Katie will win. But just then, Katie tumbles off the platform. Paula interviews that she needs Jenn to stay. But then, Jenn tumbles off. Third try, whoever wins stays. They run at one another and then...

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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