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Jenn gets back from the doctor, who has told her that her shoulder is sprained and recommends that she go home. She tells Derek, and then interviews that she doesn't know what to do. She's of two minds. Thankfully, she calls the part that thinks she should just screw the possibility of permanent damage and go for the "stupid part."

Commercials. Nehemiah has made a little "Zen" area in his bedroom. You know, some plants and rocks and quotes. Jenn comes in to talk with him, still not knowing what she's going to do. Oh, but wait, then suddenly she does know! She's staying! The Zen Buddha has told her to; it shall be so!

The camera literally scurries outside where Dunbar, Landon, and MJ are bitching about the quotes Nehemiah has been putting up in their room. Landon thinks that the new one is directed at him. "Don't play God," it recommends. Landon, I don't know if anyone would ever confuse you with God. Dunbar thinks that Nehemiah is a really weird dude. Like, "there's some transcendental shit going on in that room." Cut inside, to Nehemiah's little Pier 1 "Zen" collection. I'm thinking Dunbar has seen weirder back in Yoknapatawpha.

Night. Katie and Ruthie sit in the grass talking about how they're outsiders and at risk. Katie narrates that it seems like Brittini, Tori, and Rachel are the girls on top every week but can't wait for next week when she will "flip the switch." Executioner style? I really love these two girls sitting cross-legged in their jammie pants in the grass, all strategizing how they're going to take Brittini and Tori down.

Kickball Team time. Nehemiah interviews that it's going the same way it goes every time. Meaning that left over are Paula, Jenn, Nehemiah, and Dunbar. Paula gets picked, meaning that Jenn's going into the Duel. Then Paula pulls a real bitch move, expounding on her choosing Dunbar (like she always does) that she's doing it because Jenn certainly wants Nehemiah's support in the Duel. Who will Nehemiah pick to go against? The overenunciative clashing on the soundtrack wants us to care, but we don't really, do we?

Commercials. Nehemiah picks Evan. Evan interviews that he's pissed; he doesn't understand why he keeps getting picked. He tells Nehemiah that this was a "gutless move." Which is sort of not complimentary to himself, right? If Nehemiah is gutless, he's picking the easiest competitor, right? Ergo... It's Jenn's turn; she picks Katie, telling Katie that it's not because she thinks she can beat her, it's just she thinks they'll have a good time in the Duel together. Katie just shrugs her shoulders. It's true, this girl could have a good time at the DMV. They pick their games. The boys will play "The Elevator." The girls "Push Over."

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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