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The teams split up, and the guys head up the hill to get to the luges. It's so "funny" to watch them wear these $3 lamp shades on their heads. Brad interviews, again with his wish-it-were-mock seriousness, about how first of all, it's not comfortable to run with a giant lampshade on your head and second of all it makes you feel like you really don't know what the hell you're doing. Like, with your life? Brad: Telling It Like It Is.

Landon and Evan get into their luges first and head down the road. This is some 80s era Action Park shit right here. My brother got so fucked up on the Alpine Slide one summer. And, just so you know, by "Alpine Slide" they really meant "Asphalt Slide." (I highly recommend you follow the link to the Wikipedia entry on Action Park, it's mind-blowing.)

So the boys slide down the hill, and then tag the girls in. Of course, in Dunbar's case, it's more like *cough* abusively *cough* tackle Paula in. The girls bobble head their way up and then hop in the luges and come back down. Diem interviews about something, but I can't hear what she's saying because I am marveling at how awfully Raggedy Ann her hair is. As in a Raggedy Ann doll, you know, with the yarn for hair? Diem has yarn for hair. Diem crosses the finish first, then Brittini. So now it's Evan and Diem, Brittini and Landon onto the puzzle. Paula interviews, very helpfully, that it's just going to come down to who can get done the quickest. Yes. That is how races work, Paula.

Commercials. Puzzle Madness!!!! Er, or Puzzle zzzzzzzz. Diem: "Literally, we're moving L-shaped things into every single situation." Diem, please don't kiss and tell what CT says to you at night. Some more puzzle-solving, which MTV just doesn't even bother to set to music, just sad ambient puzzle-piece clacking. Kind of like a strange auditory glimpse into Robin's brain.

Brittini and Landon win! And then, here comes Katie, who didn't even make it to the puzzle before it was solved. Smoke break, girl! Brittini interviews, continuing to imply to me that I should attempt to figure out who she is. I continue to ignore such implications.

Back at the house, Jenn and Paula talk in the closet. Jenn's shoulder got messed up during the Challenge. She's going to see the doctor, but is already talking about going home. Paula worries that her head isn't in the game, and she needs Jenn on her side.

We follow Jenn out to a car that she is going to drive to the doctor. As she drives off, it appears she's in a 1992 Protege. Way to spring for transportation, MTV! Inside, Landon and Brittini put together the Biblical Kickball Team list. They're deciding to save Rachel, who has had both of their backs before.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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