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Happy Ending
Way to ease us in MTV. We start immediately with Evan's fat head blathering, and then cut to Evan in a field molesting a bunch of sheep. Not a euphemism. He's feeling like he's on top of the game. Looks to me like the game wishes you weren't so on top of them.

Tori is starting to get bored with hanging out with these people who just get drunk and yell every night. Sing it, sister. Ruthie notes that the same people are always in the power positions.

Pan in on the house from outside. It's night. The only sound one hears in the clear New Zealand night is... Katie screaming "Whooo waaants to wreestttleee?" She interviews that every Challenge gets dirty. Her dimples twinkle. Cut back to her and Derek wrestling. Then she and Ruthie wrestling. Diem interviews that Katie is hilarious and willful and strong. PLEASE GOD DON'T SEND KATIE HOME. Why do they have to telegraph this shit like this?

Jenn tells Rachel that she doesn't need her vote, then interviews about how "close" she and Rachel were on The Island and how Rachel's been acting like she doesn't even know her this time. Flashback to Rachel on The Island talking about making out with Jenn. Back in New Zealand, Jenn claims to be heartbroken by how Rachel is treating her. Rachel is not looking at her, just running her finger around the edge of a glass, clearly thinking Jenn is all freshman-in-college fake lesbian drama. Rachel interviews that Jenn was kind of cold to her after The Island, but back in New Zealand, Jenn's gotten all dorm-room het up again: "I either have to quit the game or quit you."

Morning. Challenge. Nonsensical slow motion footage. Teej! The challenge is "Luging My Mind." Teej tells the players: "As you can see behind me, there are two giant luges." See, now I'm going to have to make that my Facebook status tomorrow morning, and the only person that's going to get it is Joe R. So the deal is a relay race. The get into girl/guy pairs, each complete a luge run, and then they have to solve a puzzle.

But Teej has "one more thing" about the Challenge he needs to tell them about. He comes back and we don't see what he has but everyone starts pointing and laughing as we go to commercial.

We come back and find out that the one more thing is they have to do the entire Challenge wearing "a giant, life-sized bobble head." Basically, they all have to wear enormous lamp shades with their picture emblazoned around them on their heads as they luge down a paved road. Sigh.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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