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Downward Spiral

For some reason, instead of showing the most recent episode immediately before showing the new one, MTV showed the one from two weeks ago. Which means that I was forced to watch Julie's most annoying moment -- her bitchily saying, "This trip is not over yet." Why do they torture me?

Previously on the Challenge: During the Fetish Fashion Show, Syrus and Dan got their groove on. Emily and Michelle flashed the crowd. The Real World team wins. Again. In an interview, Susie says of her team, "We're bitter. We're naked." Which, as usual, is footage never shown previously, but it's funny, so whatever. James tells his team (which at that point still included Ayanna) to "think of a clever way to get around the rules."

I don't even understand what the theme song is about. "If I don't break, you can take me on." So, if I do break, you can't take me on? What does that even mean?

The teams are now in Prague. I'm not sure whether they went back to London first, or what. It seems that they need to return to London once per episode. Maybe London is a sponsor of the series, like Nokia. The teams gather in one bus to listen to their newest clue -- it's spoken by Gladys from Road Rules: Latin America. Who got kicked off the show, and has still gotten more air time than my favorite person from that season, Josh. So the kicking-off-the-show thing clearly has no repercussions, beyond just having to go home early. Which is more of a blessing than a curse. Also, there isn't anyone on this challenge who was on Gladys's season, so why bother? They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Gladys says something about how they have to "stomach the victory" or they will be wretches. Seriously, did the clue writers from Survivor hop over to the Challenge this week? Gladys mentions something about getting "medieval on [their] ass," and everyone assumes that the mission will have something to do with torture. God, I wish. Every week is medieval torture for me -- why shouldn't they get a taste? Laterrian reads the Nokia to find out where they have to go; it's a castle.

They arrive at the castle. The girls all scream. Some people wearing monk-like robes answer the gigantic door, and the teams are invited inside. In an interview, Syrus says that the castle is cool, but that there's something scary about it. Yeah -- they're in it. The teams walk down a long hall and enter a courtyard, where a single guy in a monk robe and sunglasses is standing. Monk Boy introduces himself as their "Torture Master." I really hope that he got a lot of money for this gig. In an interview, Emily says that the Torture Master looks like "the Grim Reaper." Except that his robe is brown, not black, and he's not carrying a sickle or anything. The Torture Master tells the teams that their mission is "the Gross Out Games." And they had to go to Prague for this, why, exactly? In an interview, Susie explains that the mission will consist of re-enactments of "various forms of medieval torture."

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