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Don't Make Me a Target

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Don't Make Me a Target

Gauntlet. TJ spins the wheel. Do you guys remember when these Challenge sets involved like fire and cages and expensive looking stuff? These days we've got hot sand at midday and some weird styrofoam dinosaur skeleton that serves no purpose. Oh, and also, Deliberation Palapas. Can't forget those. So the Challenge is "Ram It Home." Nehemiah and Ryan basically just have to push what looks like a big weight bag against one another, until one guy gets pushed past a line. So they start and its pretty evenly matched. Kenny interviews that Nehemiah is looking pretty weak, struggling with Ryan. Who is actually about the same size and strength as Nehemiah. Oh, but I almost forgot: he's gay, gay, gay! As a rainbow! And thus not as good at...pushing things? ["Hey, we can push The Gay Agenda. I hear we're good at pushing that." -- Joe R]

So these two go at it for like two hours. Evan is gleeful about the prospect of Ryan winning, apparently not putting two and two together: if Ryan is strong enough to win this super-physical challenge, he's stronger than anyone is giving him credit for. Anyhow, TJ intervenes at some point because they've both turned around to push against the bag with their backs. TJ's like "Uh, quit it with this back stuff, I got a joint to smoke" and makes them turn back around. At which point Nehemiah promptly wins.

Ryan gets his sendoff, TJ uttering those bone chilling words: "I'm sure this isn't, uh, the last time we'll see you." Ryan interviews about how the Rookies have to win, to redeem all the "blood, sweat, and tears" they've put into this and then, walking off into the sunset, proceeds to perform a set of spectacular heel-clicks. So, just in case you were keeping track and had ticked down the Kenny-Frank naked leg wrestling thing as the gayest part of this episode, I must inform you: heel-clicks trump all, gay-wise.

Nighttime, Katie is in bed all riled up over how she's going to throw a guy's mission if the Vet boys keep screwing over the girls. Come on, then! Bring it on! They've been screwing you over for like three episodes. Robin tells Katie to just do her best every time. Katie tells Robin to wake the fuck up and get out of her "happy bubble world." Robin interviews that she loves Katie but that she doesn't know whether it's in the team's best interest to have her there in the end. Katie does some more wrathful finger shaking and then Robin does this incredibly weird boob flex while lying on her side on the bed and then, whether from exhaustion or confusion, my DVR konks out.

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