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Don't Make Me a Target

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Don't Make Me a Target

Commercials. So Katie didn't go, and the Rookies win. The Rookies save Katie from the Gauntlet and vote Evelyn in. Ev is psych(ed)o. It becomes clear that Coral is the first choice to go in against Ev. But Coral decides to quit the game before the Gauntlet so the Vets will lose two girls. Evan interviews that "It's a new generation of people. She was no longer in the loop." God, this is like a National Geographic special or something and Coral's the elderly antelope.

Ev is pissed that Coral is denying her the opportunity to beat her in the Gauntlet. Jesus, lady, what is your problem? Did your field hockey team go 0-14 last season or something? In the deliberation cabana, nobody has any suggestions for who else to send into the Gauntlet. Except there are at least ten boobs left in the game, boobs that I thought made their owners "dumbasses," et cetera? ["Seriously. Seriously. I thought all the girls were expendable except Ev and her penis, right guys? Big talk, 'roid monkeys." -- Joe R] Kenny interviews and uses the word "palapa." Just thought I'd point that out.

Commercials. When we return to the deliberation palapa (TM Kenny), Casey is volunteering herself, Robin is crying, and we're apparently supposed to believe that Casey is a Real American Hero. She blabbers on about how she thinks the other girls will help the team more in the end. Casey interviews of Coral that Coral has been "screwing us over for, I don't know, eighteen years, since you're that old and need to get a real job, quit doing Challenges, lady." Oh, Casey. For someone who bought boobs for herself with the money she won on this show, you have quite a high standard of Challenge ethics for others. Basically everyone spends a lot of time acting like Casey's Brian Piccolo, and then she is promptly dispatched by Ev in Ball Brawl. Which is actually pretty hilarious, watching Ev shoulder-check the little bottled blonde elf. Why Casey didn't just kick Ev in the balls, I don't know.

Evelyn interviews that Coral leaving Casey to take her fall for her is what she'll be remembered for, "that's your legacy." Then Diem (who? where has she been?) interviews that she has more respect for Casey than for Coral. Have all of these people forgotten that the team actually threw the mission in order to send Coral home? What kind of "legacy" is that? Casey gives one final overly-loud interview -- why is this girl always shouting at us in her interviews? -- talking about how she'll come back to the next Challenge. Yes, Casey. And the next, the next, and the next. For the next eighteen years, bwah ha ha ha ha.

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