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Don't Make Me a Target

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Don't Make Me a Target

Previously: Misogyny! The only actual story line this entire season has produced!

We open at night, on clue delivery. Cut to Evan, Kenny, Ev, and Adam standing around whispering and colluding about throwing a girl's mission. Evelyn sides with the guys. Way to work against stereotype, Ev. Shot of Coral eavesdropping on them around the corner.

The next morning, Coral calls Evan out on his probable betrayal. As Coral says her piece behind him, shot of Evan rolling his eyes at her. Then, the unthinkable happens, something that has never before happened on a Challenge: Coral has a moment and acts like a real human being. She takes her glasses off and sort of chokes up as she explains to Evan that she feels like something is happening that always happens to her: she holds on to a friendship too tightly, always asking the other person to reassure her that they're really friends. Flashbacks to various Coral-and-Evan-During-the-Salad-Days moments. Cut back to the present where Evan tells Coral that they are friends. Because friends love to call one other "dead weight" and "stupid" behind each other's backs. Oh, Evan's glib interviews are going to bite him in the ass. Coral tells Evan that she's not going to let herself be manipulated in this game, that that isn't who she is. Get this girl a fallen hero montage (a la Timmy), stat!

Commercials. The first Challenge is set to take place on top of a twenty-five story building in, as TJ Lavin calls it, "Porto Vah-arta." There are two planks jutting off the edge of the roof, off of each there's a rope ladder that they have to climb down to retrieve a team flag. The winner is the team with the lowest combined time, so the odds are in the Rookies favor, since there are so few of them. First pair to go are Ev and Jillian. Ev interviews that she has to hide her fear because her team looks to her to set a tone. Oh, cram it, Evelyn. You lost me at "Brooke." Adam and Frank go, Adam doing some crazy Spidey shit on the way. More match-ups, mainly uneventful. Everyone is scared. Duh. Then Rachel just fully falls off the plank at the very end of her heat. And then cries about it. The few, the proud, et cetera.... Tori almost punks out, while Coral gets to do her climbing with a lot of inspirational pop guitars in the background. Take that, Evan!

The Veterans are winning, and Danny interviews that they have to throw the mission. Shot of CT telling Danny to just fall off the ladder when it's his turn. Danny's a pussy though, and worries about getting thrown into the Gauntlet if they find him out. Casey goes and then acts in an interview like she deserves a Nobel Prize for not freaking out like a big baby about the heights. It's CT's turn and he just gorillas down the ladder all backwards and gravity-defying and then-- whoops!-- lets go of the last rung. Then the best part: back up on the roof, a number of Vet Boys weigh in from off camera: "It's very possible that he just fell off" and then "CT? YOU OKAY?" Wow, boys, that is some international spy shit right there. Smooooth. Katie tells them all to shut the fuck up, that she isn't an ignorant asshole. Katie gets onto the plank and promptly freaks out. Evan yells at her that it's her ass on the line, and she declares that she'd rather go to a Gauntlet than do this. Robin screams "Katie, NO!!" like Katie's a Schnauzer getting into a trash can.

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