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Hot tub! Rachel interviews that they're all starting to realize that the game is getting serious, now that there are only a few of them left. Not few enough, my dear. Paula bemoans her alliance with Dunbar (cut to Dunbar rocking himself back and forth just like Quentin), and Aneesa says something, which makes me feel like she's going into the Duel at the end. Aneesa interviews that she feels like she's in the middle of the pack, not outstanding, not terrible. Oh, yeah. She's going in.

Diem waggles her eyebrows at Dunbar, telling him that she's glad to have him as a friend. Dunbar tells her how much he misses Kim, with whom he could talk about South Carolina. Diem interviews, with yet another ridiculous hair style -- this time a vertical cinnamon bun hovers just above her forehead -- that she likes Dunbar, and she knows that the Meat Necks are going to start putting him into the Duel every time from now on.

Speaking of Meat Necks. MJ talks about how it's all so different when you're a parent. Yes, because now you are much less squeamish about changing another person's dirty drawers, which comes in handy, especially now that Paula seems to be going the Tonya route. Evan acts like he knows what MJ is talking about: "Yeah, for you, the next 20 years are pretty much mapped out." MJ interviews that he and his wife are planning on working on their second child when he gets home, and the money would go a long way towards getting her in the sack, ahem, I mean, towards helping that plan along. MJ snarks that everyone else is just trying to win so they can go buy a new car or go on a year-long bender. Brad, off-camera, asks if MJ would prefer a boy or a girl. Please, someone, I beg you to correct me, but it appears that MJ has chaw in his lip? He says that of course he'd love a boy, but it doesn't really matter, he'd "have 15 more girls." Dude, you're from Nebraska, not 1874.

Challenge! Teej tells them that today's is an individual challenge. They'll be suspended over a lake from what Teej calls "a stretcher" and use a pully system to move a flag down a rope to these barrels on the land. Once six of the seven do this, the seventh person's barrel will explode and send them plunging into the water. This has the potential for some seriously Wile E. Coyote-level backfiring. They keep pullying their flag back and forth until one person is left.

Dunbar interviews that this is like going into battle: "You erase fear, you erase doubt, you erase hesitation." I'm sure our sponsor the U.S. Army appreciates your keen understanding of what battle is really like.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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