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Daddy Needs a Car

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Daddy Needs a Car

Previously on the Challenge: The contestants finished eliminating teams, and now it's just the remaining six Real World people versus the remaining six Road Rules people. They competed to see who could herd a cow the fastest; Theo and Hollywick -- the overall leaders -- came in last place. Theo said something dumb (and I should make a macro for that sentence). Sean and Elka came in first in the herding competition. In an interview, Mike said that he and Coral need to "step up" if they want to be the ultimate winners, since Sean and Elka are currently in first place. I still don't understand what Mike and Coral would gain from being in first place, except that the RW team would have a better chance of winning. Maybe I'm missing something.

We learn that while they were reading their email at the internet café, Sean got a phone call from his wife, Rachel of RW San Francisco "fame." In an interview, Sean explains that he and Rachel met on another Challenge season. We see some flashback footage of the two of them hanging out during that season. Sean explains that they started dating and fell in love, and now they have a baby girl named Evita and another baby on the way. We see flashback footage from the recent reunion of Sean, Rachel, and Evita. Sean asks Rachel if she has her checkbook with her. He walks outside to continue the conversation and reminds her that there could be more stuff clearing. In other words, she needs to write a check for something, and he doesn't know if they have enough in their account to cover it. She doesn't know if there are some uncleared checks in their account? She has to call Sean, who has been in Mexico for a few weeks, to find out their bank account balance? Weird. In an interview, Sean explains that just because he and Rachel have been on television doesn't make them any different from any other young couple just starting out, and that he has huge debt from law school. Apparently, they got things worked out, because Sean tells her to call him and let him know what the plan is, and they hang up.

Meanwhile, Elka is talking to Walter on the phone. This would all be a lot more touching if I didn't just read on the forums that they recently split up. Elka tells Walter to call her every day, then tells him that she misses and loves him. In an interview, Elka says that Walter is her fiancé, but that she met him on a post-high school trip to Europe. He came to visit her while she was in Boston, and we see flashback footage of that. Elka tells Walter that if she wins the money, they will go on a romantic vacation. In an interview, Elka says that she's looking forward to starting a life with Walter. "Starting"? At the time this was filmed, they had been together for many years, and lived in the same city. Then again, it's a moot point, since they are no longer together now.

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