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Crushed Nuts

The contestants hang out in the bar. Jisela tells Belounatic that they would have done so much better if they had been united since the beginning, and she hopes it's not too late. Belounatic agrees. In an interview, Belounatic says that she and Chris got low scores, so if she goes home today, she's going home with a smile. Ooh, Holly Not Wick is sitting on ADDam's lap. Interesting. In an interview, Holly says that she and Josh are in fourth, which is the worst position, since her side has a history of voting out the fourth-place team.

The RR Inner Circle meets. Theo discusses the standings, and says that since there are two missions left, no one team is assured of not being eliminated, even those currently in the Inner Circle. In an interview, Dan says that Josh and Holly are close enough to his team in scoring that he's "still a little bit worried."

Sean heads up the RW Inner Circle. He announces that Miami Mike and Flora have the lowest score, and are probably the weakest team. However, a lot of people have problems with Stephen. However again, Lindsey is "one of the more peppy, upbeat people that [they] have." Kelley thinks that Lindsey's energy has kept them all happy and laughing. Kelley thinks that Lindsey's energy overpowers the fact that Stephen is "a crappy person," so she wants to vote off the lowest-scoring team. Coral says, "Stephen's negative energy is affecting me, and it's not that I just don't like him." In an interview, Lindsey says that the Inner Circle is deciding who will stay and who will go, and it makes her nervous. I'm surprised that no one on the RW team mentions that they might be setting a dangerous precedent by veering from their agreed-upon voting pattern. That would be my biggest worry. I guess they feel that Stephen's crappiness overrides the other concerns.

In the RR Inner Circle, Theo says that he wants to get rid of Josh and Holly, because he came there to make the final six. Hollywick tells Dan and Tara that it should be their vote, because they are the closest to being out of the Inner Circle. Tara votes for Belounatic and Chris. Timmy, Emily, and Dan all agree. So it's Belounatic and Chris, and they toast their decision. In an interview, Tara says that she couldn't get rid of Josh and Holly, because it wouldn't have been fair, and she may have been bad strategy, but she had to do what she thought was right.

The RW Inner Circle is still meeting. Coral says that Stephen didn't do well in that day's competition, and "is such a dark cloud." Coral adds that if she is the only one who feels this way, then everyone else can override her, but Stephen is seriously affecting her performance. NY Mike asks if Stephen and Lindsey make the top three, how their team will perform. Kelley says that she can't vote Lindsey off. Outside, Norm, Stephen, and Becky hang out. In an interview, Norm says that they are waiting for the Inner Circle to deliberate. The last two times, the decision came quickly because it was easy, and this time it is taking a while, so something must not be easy about it. Back inside, Kelley says again that she can't vote Lindsey off. Coral says that she doesn't like being around Stephen, and she doesn't like how he goes back and forth between the two sides, talking shit about people. Coral thinks that the RW team's strongest point is their unity, and Stephen is outside of that. Kelley says that she doesn't want to be a part of "this vote," which makes me think that they all decided to get rid of Lindsey and Stephen. But we'll have to wait a week to find out, since the show ends there. No preview for next week or anything! Bitches.

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