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Crushed Nuts

Mark announces that the grand prize winners of the shopping spree are Danny and Kelley. They hug. Aw. In an interview, Danny says that Kelley just won them $20,000 for a shopping spree, and he doesn't even know how to spend it. Kelley says that she just talked to Peter, and he just went and bought them a gallon of milk and twenty cans of tuna with the last of their money. Does that website really sell food? Probably not. Danny is dying laughing.

I'm going to post the individual point totals here, mostly because I'm curious to see who got the most individual points, so I figure some of you are as well. I broke it down into men and women because it makes it easier to read. Here's the list:

Dan: 19
Theo: 18
Timmy: 17
ADDam: 17
Norm: 15
Sean: 14
NY Mike: 13
Danny: 12
Josh: 11
Miami Mike: 10
Stephen: 7
Chris: 7

Kelley: 21
Coral: 13
Elka: 13
Hollywick: 13
Holly: 10
Belou: 10
Becky: 10
Lindsey: 8
Emily: 8
Flora: 7
Tara: 4
Jisela: 3

The teams file in to find out their standings and which teams made the Inner Circle. I paused the tape and read the standings off the board, but last week (for those of you who don't read the forums), there were different point totals listed on, so who knows if these are actually accurate or not. I mean, they are accurate in terms of what was posted on the boards, but apparently there can be changes made. Or sucks. Anyway, here they are:

On the RW side:
Sean & Elka: 44
Danny & Kelley: 43
NY Mike & Coral: 43
Stephen & Lindsey: 41
Norm & Becky: 36
Miami Mike & Flora: 34

On the RR side:
Theo & Hollywick: 53
Emily & Tim: 50
Dan & Tara: 46
Josh & Holly: 38
ADDam & Jisela: 32
Chris & Belounatic: 29

Ooh, Stephen and Lindsey are bumped out of the Inner Circle! In an interview, Theo says that it's hard not to feel attached to everyone, because they all play around together, but it's a competition, and Theo "didn't come here to make sandcastles." Ah, Theo. He always has such a lovely way of putting things. Lindsey starts to say something to Stephen about what they should do the next day if they are still there. Stephen reminds her of the agreement. Lindsay says that you never know. In an interview, Stephen says that Norm has a piece of paper with all of their signatures on it that says that they will always vote off the last place team and split the money in a certain way. In an interview, Lindsey says that she thinks that she and Stephen will be the next team to go, even though they aren't in last place.

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