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Crushed Nuts

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Crushed Nuts

The two teams walk onto the beach, where they are welcomed by Eric and Mark. Eric announces that the name of the competition is "Vertical Limit." Hey, I just watched that movie on HBO the other night. It was pretty bad. But it had some cool action shots. In an interview, Norm explains that they have to climb up a rope, which is strung with plastic buoys, much like beads on a string. They get points depending on how many buoys they climb past. Eric tells them that the points are awarded based on the highest buoy that each of them touches with his or her hand. The winner of this competition gets a shopping spree on some website that sounds really dumb. I tried to go to the site, which is supposed to be a "virtual mall," but I think it's gone out of business. Or I spelled it wrong.

Theo and Stephen are up first. In an interview, Theo says that he and Hollywick are in first place, and that he doesn't want to let Hollywick down. In an interview, Stephen says that he's confident that he and Lindsey can stay in first place, but since it's not a strong event for Lindsey, he needs to "make it happen." I'm guessing because the event relies largely on upper-body strength, they all assume that the men will do better than the women. Theo scampers right up the rope. Stephen has a little more trouble, and starts grunting and screaming. Lindsay cheers him on. Then he yells out, "Ow! My nuuuuuuts!" I'm not sure how that happened. Time is up, and Theo has eighteen points to Stephen's seven. When Stephen gets back to the bottom, he says that he feels like crap and his hands are killing him. No word on his nuts, thank God. Lindsay comforts him like the battered partner that she is.

Now, Lindsay and Hollywick have to go. In an interview, Lindsay says that she's "a little mouse" and she hopes to scurry up the rope. ADDam advises Hollywick to take advantage of her long arms. Hollywick says she knows that the Lord gave her "these lanky things" for a reason. I still hate her. The climbing begins. The women get to add to their partners' existing scores. Hollywick and Theo end up with thirty-one, and Lindsey and Stephen end up with fifteen. So Lindsey actually got more points than Stephen. Heh. In an interview, Hollywick says that she's feeling really good about their team right now, and that she and Theo are there for each other.

Timmy and Sean are up next. Sean's lumberjack training apparently doesn't see him through, since he only gets fourteen points to Timmy's seventeen. In an interview, Elka says that she wants her team to take over the top spot from Lindsey and Stephen, and it seems attainable. Elka and Emily start climbing. Elka and Sean end up with twenty-three to Timmy and Emily's twenty-five. In an interview, Emily says that you are telling your muscles to work, but you "feel like a big boneless ham. You feel like a big plate of Jell-O."

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