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Crushed Nuts

Previously on the Challenge: Stephen elbowed Becky in the face during a competition. ADDam, of all people, had to tell Stephen to take it down a notch. Stephen said that he is a staunch competitor. Kelley called Lindsey "a little ball of energy" as we saw Lindsey pick up a tiki torch and pretend to poke someone with it and then do a monkey dance of her own. Wait, we never saw that footage before. Oh well. The RW side sent London Mike and Sharon home, to the surprise of no one. The RR side sent Chadwick and Piggy home, and Hollywick pouted about it, and then vowed to get her revenge. Whatever, Hollywick. What is your revenge going to be? Pouting all over them?

The contestants eat breakfast. Mark and Eric come in and make an announcement. Mark says that they will be moving back into their villas (which were vacated during the hurricane), and that the next competition will be at 5:00 PM. Lindsey asks what they should wear, and Mark says that they need to wear sneakers instead of sandals or bare feet. Lindsey guesses that they are going to be running, and then suggests that maybe they will be rock-climbing. Kelley says that she thinks they are "going down." What does that even mean?

Elka notices that the cell phones have service again, and everyone is very excited about that. In an interview, Stephen says that, more than anyone, he needs to reconnect with his world back home. I picture Stephen, like Greg on Survivor, walking around talking into a phone even though there is no one on the other end, but trying to make the others think that he has a lot of friends. Norm is pissed with Stephen for some reason; I think Stephen is using Norm's phone. Lindsey the Battered Partner makes excuses and tries to calm Norm down. Emily, on a call of her own, tells someone that they all have cabin fever and they are all getting on each other's nerves. Hollywick calls Chadwick and uses the most syrupy, baby-like voice to say, "Hi, babeeeeeee! How are yeeeeeeeeewwwww?" I hate her. In an interview, Hollywick explains that people wanted to split up the Wicks because they thought the remaining person would be "weakened," as if she is Superman and they're going to use Kryptonite on her. Anyway, Hollywick claims that she is even more determined to stay now.

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