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Kids applaud in a studio somewhere in (probably) southern California. Mark from Road Rules Season One and Melissa from The Real World New Orleans welcome us to the show. The viewers all look at Mark and think, "Who?" because -- as opposed to the constant loop on which they run The Real World -- MTV hardly ever replays old seasons of Road Rules. Although they might recognize him from the time he auditioned to be Puck's replacement on The Real World San Francisco. Plus, he's kind of old for this demographic, isn't he? I mean, I'm old for this demographic, and I think he's older than me. But whatever. Clearly, they couldn't get anyone else to host the show.

As Mark introduces the Road Rules team as "the best team," the team members file out, including both Ayanna and Susie. I'm surprised Ayanna came back, but I'm sure that she was promised a chance to set the record straight. We'll see how that goes. Melissa counters Mark's "the best team" statement by reminding us that the Real World team members were actually the winners. The RW team files out, including the ones Melissa refers to as "my dawgs," Julie and Jamie.

Melissa reminds us that this was the first time the RW team won, even though if you're watching this when it originally aired, right after the season finale, you don't need to be reminded. Also, I'm kind of sick of everyone making it out like the Cubs won the World Series or something -- this is barely the third season of the Challenge. Melissa asks the RW team how they did it. Dan says they don't know, and everyone on his team agrees. Melissa tells them that they won because she wasn't there. Kameelah steps up and says they won because "there were no excuses," and that before each mission, they "took it to God." That sounds like my routine for writing recaps. Except that I generally do make excuses and then ask God if I really have to write it. Then God tells me to go look at the lack of food in the fridge and tells me that if I want to eat this week, I had better get a move on. Dan says that he spent a lot of time with a trainer getting ready, and the people on the RR team crack up. Syrus also claims that he worked out in preparation. Dan says that he "worked out with a Marine every day for, like, a month." If you know what he's saying. That was a poor word choice on Dan's part. Everyone laughs. Dan doesn't get it, and says that the Marine would call him at home and make him go to the gym. Why didn't he just go on Boot Camp? Dan keeps talking even though he just repeats what Kameelah just said about "no excuses." Jamie says that they had "a positive attitude," and had fun on all the missions. Jamie and Rebecca positively slap hands.

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