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Lobster Boys and Girls

Now they are throwing a rugby ball around in the parking lot. James teaches Rebecca how to throw it. In an interview, James says that he and Rebecca are physically attracted to each other and that Rebecca thinks he's "a cutie."

Suddenly, they are in a city somewhere, walking down the street. They stop and talk while sitting on some swings. Seriously, this is almost over, right? James says that he would rather have five girlfriends who better him in some way than seventy-five girlfriends who only last for three months. Rebecca agrees. In an interview, Rebecca says that she rarely sees such honesty in someone James's age. He's not that much younger than her! I thought we established that. They run into some of their teammates, including a very drunk Dan. James gets all mad that they yelled to Rebecca and not him. Dan asks Rebecca what's going on, and Rebecca says that James told her she was a Goody Two-Shoes. Dan thinks that's James's way of saying he wants to date her. Dan thinks James is cute, and he wishes James would teach him to play rugby. IN fact, if James did that, Dan would "wet [his] pants." Hey, his words.

James and Rebecca on the bus. James has his head on Rebecca's lap while she plays with his hair. Oh, the "playing with hair" thing. That has worked for me before. Guys love it. Or it puts them to sleep. One or the other. Anyway, in an interview, James says that he doesn't know what the next five weeks will hold for them. And the episode is finally over, like twenty minutes after the last competition ended.

Next week: More James and Rebecca. The teams compete in some sort of joke-telling competition, which Dan says will be "a bloodbath."

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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