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James looks out on the water, and looks sad. Rebecca comes up and tells him he did well that day. In an interview, Rebecca says that she knows how James hates to lose. Yeah, you and everyone who watched the most recent season of Road Rules. Rebecca tells James that he'll get to spin the wheel some day. James says it's not about the wheel or the money -- it's about "coming up short" in front of all those people. In an interview, Rebecca says that James is "really honest" and she finds that "endearing." Aw, just do it already! In an interview, James says that he can learn a lot from Rebecca because she's older. How much older is she, really? I'm going to find out. Hold on. Okay, according to his casting special, James was twenty, and that aired in spring of 2000. When they filmed this business, in summer of 2000, he was probably twenty or twenty-one. I don't know how old Rebecca was on her season (which aired in 1998), but I know she was still in college, so let's say that she was probably a maximum of twenty-one. That would make her about maybe twenty-three, or at most three years older than him. Hardly Mrs. Robinson material.

Anyway, Rebecca suggests that James make the girls in the crowd happy by giving them his shirt. James refuses and mock-threatens to toss Rebecca in the water, while she giggles. Oh, the mating dance.

Dan and James are talking on a bus. There's a lot of fraternization between the teams this season. Dan asks James, "If you could get something from anyone on this trip, who would it be?" Get something? Oh, dear God. James says it's not fair because he can't ask the question back. Dan points out that he could ask it. James looks nervous. He hems and haws and finally answers that it would be Rebecca. Dan says that Rebecca is "truly beautiful" and "smart" and "weird, like in a good way." What is he, her pimp? You know she totally put him up to that.

The buses head into Canada. Isn't this episode over yet? James comes onto the RW bus, dressed in a sweater and slacks. Kameelah asks him why he's so dressed up. Jamie appears in his kilt, looking like a tool. James has come to pick up Rebecca to go for a walk. They walk. Rebecca tries to teach James some French to talk to the locals. I guess they're in Quebec. In an interview, James says that Rebecca has the best eyes he's ever seen. Rebecca convinces James to say, "Je suis un chien" to some random lady. Anyone who's taken a beginning French class knows that chien means dog. James walks up to the lady and says it, and the subtitles tell us what he really said. Rebecca laughs hysterically. The woman answers him in English. James leaves her by saying, "Adios!" In an interview, Rebecca says that James is funny, and she finds humor very attractive. James asks Rebecca what he said, and she tells him.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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