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It's Christian's turn on the RR team. He almost falls, but manages to hang on -- but then he falls anyway. I would too -- you just get to start over and unless they regrease the pole in between tries, you'd think the second time would be easier because you've already wiped most of the grease off. They actually show an instant replay of Christian falling into the water, like how desperate are they for footage this week? Jamie goes next for the RW team and grabs the flag with no problem. The score is tied 2-2. Christian is on his second attempt, and he makes it, putting his team ahead 3-2. Julie is up next, and I'm sure that someone will make a comment about how easily she clenches the flag in her teeth, but it won't be me. Or will it? In an interview, Julie makes the obvious "greased up and working it on a pole" joke, like we get it! You're a virgin! Enough! Julie plants her flag, tying the score at 3-3. Emichelle Two grabs her flag, putting her team ahead 4-3. Rebecca grabs her flag, tying the score at 4-4. Now it's Ayanna versus Kameelah. Nearly all the grease is off the poles at this point. I'm sure it's still plenty slippery, but not nearly as difficult as it was for the people who went first. Kameelah plants her flag first, putting the RW team in the lead for the first time, at 5-4. Ayanna plants her flag to tie it 5-5.

Now it's Dan versus Laterrian for the win. Okay, I have to say it. With Dan's experience with greased poles, the Real World team is a lock. Sorry. Andrew reminds them that they have to put the flags in the crates. The what? Every time I think that I have this game figured out, they throw another rule in there. I was right though -- Dan makes it to the end first. Oh, I see. They have to swim back and plant the flag in a crate on the dock. Is it too much to ask that they actually explain the rules before the game starts? It's not that complicated. I thought the RW team had it won when Dan reached the flag first, and I couldn't figure out why they kept showing it. Anyway, the RW team wins and screams and hugs and jumps. Christian pats Laterrian on the shoulder and says, "Great job." In an interview, Syrrhosis says that he didn't want to have any mercy on Road Rules, and that he wanted to be the one to "twist the dagger." Whatever, Syrrhosis. Go drink a beer. James talks to himself on a boat somewhere. Laterrian looks sad. The scoreboard shows that the RW team won 103-81.

Andrew presents the RW team with their check, bringing their grand total to $30,000. He announces that the MVP is Kameelah. Who? Why? Julie voice-overs that Kameelah deserves the MVP because she stuffed her face with lobster, and she beat Ayanna on the pole. What about Dan? He beat Laterrian. I don't understand. Kameelah gets to spin the Wheel of Corporate Sponsorship. She wins a "digital camera package," which is pretty cool, I guess. She doesn't sound too excited about it.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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