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Laterrian finally gets onto the dock and the RR team celebrates. They're all clapping Laterrian on the stomach and chest as he lays on the ground, and he tells them to stop. In an interview, Michelle tells us that Laterrian "had the wind knocked out of him," and they had to call the paramedics. The paramedics arrive and tell Laterrian that he has bruises on his chest, and then hook him up to an oxygen tank. In an interview, Emily tells us that she thinks Laterrian "sucked down some water." Why don't they let Kameelah look at him? She's the wannabe doctor. Everyone else seems to have a medical opinion, anyway. Laterrian finally gets up, and then we get to see him throwing up water. Nice. Maybe he was just spitting, but it sure looked like he was throwing up. In an interview, Laterrian says he's "not a great swimmer" and he got "dehydrated and puked," and he feels like a little [bleep] being taken care of like that. Did he get dehydrated? Really? I'm no doctor. What do I know? Laterrian comes out of the ambulance, looking much better.

Andrew announces that the RR team has won that event, and now leads the competition overall with 81 points to the RW team's 58. Andrew says that there is one last event out on the bay, and they all have to get on the boat.

Andrew says that this is the last event, and it's worth 45 points, and it's called "the Greasy Pole." I know there's a joke there, but I'm not getting it. Post yours in the forums, would you? In an interview, Michelle explains that this event is a "flag relay" where you have to "scoot down this Crisco'd pole" and put a flag in a hole quickly. We cut back to Andrew for no reason except maybe to see that the boom mike is totally in the show, and Kameelah is suddenly wearing jeans. In an interview, James explains that this is a "winner take all" event. For those of you who couldn't do the math. Oh, James also reminds us that this competition is for $10,000, in case you just tuned in. Have I mentioned the repetition and how much I hate it? Have I mentioned the repetition and how much I hate it? Plus, they didn't even explain it right. The first person plants a flag, and the second person takes the flag out. Repeat until all team members have gone. If you fall off, you have to start over.

First up is James for RR and Syrrhosis for RW. They have to straddle this log, which is suspended above the water, and not slide off. The flag goes at the far end. Then they try to slide back. Without falling off. I guess they learned from the last event not to try to make rules about what happens if you fall off, because we didn't hear any. Syrrhosis immediately flips around so that he is hanging from the underside of the pole. James gets the flag in the hole and falls off. I guess they don't need to come back. In an interview, Syrrhosis explains that since he needed both hands to hang onto the pole, he couldn't take one off to plant the flag. We see Syrrhosis fall into the water. Then we see an instant replay. The pole actually bends like a diving board under Syrrhosis' weight. Puffy man make big splash. Emichelle (with their hair tied back, I can't tell which is which) goes next for RR, and grabs the flag that James planted. We see Syrrhosis facing the pole, and the words "Second Attempt" on the bottom of the screen. This time Syrrhosis makes it.

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