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Lobster Boys and Girls

For round two, the teams move over to some crates (which I later find out are lobster traps) which are tied together and floating in the water like a walkway. Andrew explains that they have to put on a coat and hat, and "hook the fish on [their] wrists." In an interview, James explains that they have to carry the fish across and back, as one leg of a relay race. Andrew explains that they can't swim if they fall, they have to get right back on the crates where they fell off. I really wish they could just let one person explain the rules instead of cutting back and forth with the repetition and the editing. It makes me dizzy.

In an interview, Rebecca says that she wants to go first because she thinks it will be cake. Ayanna says, in an interview, that she knows that she has to be "light on [her] feet as if [she was] Bruce Lee." Man, Ayanna has a slammin' body. I'm just saying. Rebecca and Ayanna start out. Ayanna does really well. Rebecca, not so much, as she falls off about halfway across. Ayanna gets back and passes off to Michelle. Rebecca is still floundering in the water. In an interview, James says that Rebecca is a "very sweet girl," but she "plays hard." I don't see it -- she still hasn't gotten back up on the lobster traps. Michelle takes off and falls about halfway down, just like Rebecca did. In an interview, Michelle explains that once she was in the water, she was screwed because she has "no upper body strength." Rebecca makes it to the halfway point, and turns around to come back, but she falls again. In an interview, Dan says that Rebecca is the person who "supposedly knows how to do this." I love bitchy Dan. Rebecca finally makes it back, but she totally pulled herself through the water instead of getting up on the lobster traps, which we were told was illegal. Rebecca passes off to Jamie. Michelle may or may not have made it back at the same time as Rebecca. It's hard to say.

Jamie takes off running and I would seriously give a lot of money to someone if he would fall flat on his face. But he doesn't. He even does a little strut at the halfway point. I hate him. Emily is going for the Road Rules team. As she runs out, you can see someone falling on the Real World side, but the way this is edited, you have no idea who it is, or which team is really ahead. Jamie has passed off to Dan, who takes a vicious spill on the way back. Ouch. Emily passed off to Christian who apparently made it back and forth without mishap, although he doesn't get a victory strut like Jamie did. Christian passes off to James. Dan is pulling himself on top of the lobster traps on his stomach, which again, Andrew told us was illegal. I guess if you're losing, anything is legal. James does a Dan on the way back, pulling himself on his stomach. Kameelah goes for the RW team, but her hat fell off at some point. She falls into the water. Laterrian takes off for team Road Rules. Kameelah struggles to pull herself up onto the dock. Laterrian does the stomach pull thing, which I'm still going to remind everyone, is supposed to be illegal. Julie takes off for her team. We can see as Julie runs down that Laterrian is at the halfway point. The problem is that Laterrian is the last one on his team, and the RW team still has to have Syrrhosis go. If Julie makes it back quickly, that is. Laterrian falls off, and his team thinks he is caught on a trap. He swims next to the traps, again illegal. Julie falls again as well. James looks all pissed off, even though his team pretty much has this thing won. Laterrian pulls himself up on the dock and you can see his butt. Well, you can. Julie screams and yells, and I don't know why she doesn't just hang it up -- they still have a whole other person to go.

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