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Lobster Boys and Girls

Rebecca is talking to Michelle on a bus. Rebecca claims that she thinks she knows what she wants in a relationship. In an interview, Rebecca says that she's been unhappy in relationships for too long. Rebecca tells Michelle that she doesn't want a relationship that makes her less happy -- she wants someone who makes her shine brighter. She likens one kind of relationship to someone blowing on a flame, making it flicker, and the other to lighter fluid, which makes the light explode. Wow. She's deep. She must be like a songwriter or something. Look out Jewel -- here comes Rebecca!

Julie and James go on a Ferris Wheel at some amusement park that just appeared out of nowhere for this scene. In an interview, James says that he's had a long-distance relationship, but now he wants a girlfriend that he sees every day. James tells Julie that relationships involve a lot of risk, and sometimes they work out, and sometimes they don't. Whoa. He should hook up with Rebecca. They are both deep thinkers. Julie just smiles at him, probably thinking -- "He's Catholic. Matt's Catholic. I could easily transfer my crush to him." They get off the Ferris Wheel even though we never actually saw the ride moving at all.

After we see like the tenth shot this week of the sign for the motel where they are parking the buses, Rebecca and James are watching rugby on the television. They have cable in the buses? Awesome! My boyfriend J-Dawg watches rugby on television all the time and he has no idea how the game works. He's fascinated by it, though. And I'm always like, "Isn't Room by Room on or something?" Anyway, in an interview, Rebecca says that James is "cute" and that they've been spending a lot of time together. In his own interview, James says that Rebecca is interesting, and cute. Behind the cameras, the producers do back handsprings.

The teams arrive in Boothbay. There are huge crowds, screaming for them. No, really. There are. I don't get it either. Some guy in an orange rain hat and coveralls introduces them, and then introduces himself as Andrew. This guy, Andrew, welcomes everyone to the Fishermen's Games, and says that the winner of this contest gets $10,000. The contest will be picking and eating lobster. Well, doesn't that beat a sharp stick in the eye? In an interview, Rebecca informs us that her team will win because lobster is her favorite food in the world. I don't think they'll get to like, savor it with drawn butter or anything, but I could be wrong.

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