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Previously on the Challenge: The kids water-skied behind a blimp, and the Real World team won $20,000. Syrrhosis was happy. Christian was sad. In an interview that we've never seen before, which I should be used to by now, but I'm still not, Rebecca claims that she thought James was a "beefcake" and "not really [her] scene." Which means that they will be hooking up tonight.

After the fiery credits, we're at some sort of harbor. Julie, on her team's bus, is screaming and yelling for no apparent reason. Rebecca puts a CD in the CD player. If this were really "extreme," wouldn't their challenges arrive on like a DVD or something? Or a Palm Pilot? Or a two-way pager like Carson Daly uses? I guess both teams are on the same bus, listening to Melissa from New Orleans tell them not to "get trapped" or they'll be "swimming with the fishes." Dan reads a letter telling them to go to Boothbay Harbor and to wear their bathing suits under their clothes. Rebecca thinks they'll be going fishing. Why would they need to wear bathing suits to go fishing?

We see the shot from last week's promo of Kameelah telling James that she thinks lots of women find him attractive. In an interview, James says that he's not really a "ladies' man," and somewhere in the bayou, Theo breathes a sigh of relief. Dan offers up that women probably think James has tons of women approaching him, so they are too intimidated to approach him. Could they be stroking his ego anymore? Dan suggests that James try approaching women. James is surrounded by Kameelah, Michelle, Rebecca, and Dan -- it's like a coffee klatch.

Later (which we know because Kameelah is suddenly gone and Dan has moved over), Rebecca tells James to talk to her like he does when he tries to pick up women at bars. James, who has his napkin tucked into his shirt collar like a four-year-old, takes a drink and then looks around and doesn't talk to Rebecca at all. Finally, he offers, "Do you like pork plates?" Hey, it worked on Theo. It definitely wouldn't work on Amaya though -- it's against her religious beliefs. We get the point -- James doesn't know how to pick up chicks. In an interview, Rebecca says that James is "young" and "inexperienced." James protests that this is "so hard," and that it's "like trying to thread six needles in under ten seconds." Where did he come up with that analogy? Pointless shot of Michelle laughing. Pointless shot of Dan laughing. Rebecca tells James that he needs to "step up to the plate." James says he is stepping up to the plate, but Rebecca wants him to "charge the mound." Okay, that was kind of funny. I don't think he meant it to have a double meaning though.

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