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Bouncing Back

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Bouncing Back

Aneesa bitches that her team will use the knee as an excuse to blame her for losing -- not an entirely invalid line of reasoning, in my opinion -- while Kenny classily tells the camera that at least Aneesa's fat ass won't take up room on the platform if she's not in the mission. In person, Kenny baits her, she calls him an asshole, he calls her a bitch, and then it's time to compete.

I would prefer not to dignify it with a description, since voting adults should not do this sort of thing for money, but I have no choice, so: the Bad Asses go first. Janelle sucks at bouncing. Shocker. So does Jenn. Derrick is rad at it.

The Good Guys don't do much better, Davis and Susie bonking haplessly into the fromt of the platform, Timmy over-bouncing and knocking half the team off. Timmy quips after they finally finish that that's the most sex he's had in months, but the jokes stop when the Bad Asses win the mission. Davis feels responsible.

It's time to choose a guy from each team to go to the Inferno. The teams talk strategy; Janelle is worried that the BAs are getting low on guys, while the GGs' strategy, per Ace, has changed from taking out the strongest players to taking out the weakest ones. Ace, if he gets sent in, would rather go in against someone that everyone else thinks is good -- Derrick or Abe, in other words. Burn, Kenny!

Lavin! The Good Guys send Kenny; the Bad Asses send Ace. Ace chooses to interpret this as the BAs' way of saying that he needs to prove himself. I'd say it's more like you have proven yourself, as a weak player, but whatever gets you through the night, Dixie.

Ace interviews that he isn't there for the money; he's there to stay the whole time, to the end, finally. So that he can sing the entire Air Supply catalog to Susie. That last part was silent.

With only a minute or two left, it's time for more knee drama. Janelle is lecturing Aneesa about the knee's effect on the team. Aneesa, in an interview, is like, whatever, don't tell me what to do; Jenn, in an interview, manages to observe that Aneesa is being selfish even though mascara spiders are feeding on her eyeballs. Aneesa tells the team to step off, but Tonya isn't having that, snapping that the knee is an ongoing issue. Aneesa-view: "You don't want to feel the wrath of Aneesa. You don't. Want it." As the scuffle continues, she interviews that they'd better hope one of the last missions isn't a puzzle, because those dumb hos won't be able to solve it.

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