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Bouncing Back

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Bouncing Back

I get the feeling my DVR cut off the beginning of the ep, because my version of it "starts" with Davis hucking Tonya into the house, saying in an interview that he wouldn't take advantage of a drunk girl. O... kay?

In the common area, Bananas VOs about getting rid of Derrick or Abe while the gents in question play chess. Snerk. Meanwhile, in a bedroom, everyone's playing "IHTB" -- "I Hate Tonya Because" -- while Tonya listens in the hallway. Reasons for hating Tonya include Tonya learning to become a stripper for two hours the night before (Paula... and no, I don't know what she's talking about either); Tonya doing lunges next to the van and admiring her own reflection (Susie); Tonya's lunges making Tonya's ass fat (Cara); Tonya's "insanely large saddlebags" (Susie again). At first Davis says he doesn't hate her "for those reasons," but then amends that to say he hates her because she tried to get her husband to let her cheat on him with Davis. Susie: I hate Tonya because she hates me! The world: Tonya can get in line!

Outside, Tonya cries on the phone to her husband about how she pretends not to care, but she really does. In an interview, also crying, she says she's not all that tough. Apparently she's upset because the shit-talk means she's hurt people, and she feels bad about that. I wouldn't feel guilty about hurting these particular people, but whatever.

Weird montage time! First a slo-mo one of Tonya crying, Susie cackling, Cara looking concerned; then a sped-up one of the morning routine.

In the van en route to the mission, Aneesa announces that a knee injury is acting up and she has to see the doctor about it. She's upset. Derrick in an interview basically says that Aneesa's knee will have to prove itself to him. Shut it, homunculus.

The Challenge itself is a trampoline thing -- teams have to bounce from one platform to the next without touching said platforms with their hands, and each progressive platform gets smaller. The bouncing is bad for Aneesa's knee, so she can't participate, Lavin's orders. She's pissed, and Abe and his Brazilian-wax mohawk talk some trash in an interview about how she says she's fine, but everyone says that, so they have to get her into the Inferno. Kenny seconds that in his interview: "If she's not participating, get her the hell outta here!"

Aneesa not playing means the Good Guys have to sit someone to even things up. The GGs debate whether it's better to sit a big person (won't fit on the platforms as easily) or a small one (not as much boosting power), and then Paula's all, I had ACL surgery so maybe I should sit. Maybe you should sit at a desk to make money if it's that worrisome, Paula, but what do I know.

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