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Bored of the Flies

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Bored of the Flies

Yes is dressed in drag, and he squeezes his fake breasts. Piggy says that Los looks great, and that he has "great skin" and looks like "a cross between an Egyptian Pharaoh and Jesus." We get a close-up shot of Los getting eye makeup applied.

Annoying tells everyone to calm down or she'll "open up a can of you-know-what." Beans? I would think that would be a good threat on an enclosed bus like that. In an interview, Annoying tells us that "'Truth or Dare' is pretty retarded." I hate her. They start playing, and Mike the Horndog asks Annoying if she likes kissing other women. Annoying says she has done it, and it's okay, but she's a "dick chick." Just when I think I couldn't hate her anymore, my hatred rises to new levels. Oh, and shut up, Annoying. Kat asks David if he's every been "chastised in school for playing with [his] penis." David says that "they've always respected [him] for it" and then grabs it to emphasize his point. Teck says there is no way the RR team can be done because "they're slackers."

Los dares Veronica to stick her hand down the toilet for five seconds. To her credit, she does it.

David dares Annoying to make out with Kat. Annoying gives her a peck on the lips, which was hardly making out, and they both had to scrunch up their faces to show that they really don't like kissing other girls, and they're definitely not gay, because Annoying is a "dick chick," you know. Just for all the teenage boys at home, they show the completely un-sexy kiss again in slow motion.

Veronica dares Dan to kiss Yes. Dan tells us Yes has "really soft lips and he looks really kissable." Dan! When Dan moves in for the kiss, he pretends to feel Yes up, and Yes bursts out laughing just as they kiss. It was nowhere near as long as they made it out on the previews. Holly tries to take a picture but it doesn't work. For some reason, they kiss not one, but two more times.

David says "Look at Latifah!" in reference to Teck. Heather is putting an Erykah Badu type wrap on Teck's head. The whole men-in-drag thing is so stupid and unfunny that I'm not even going to go into detail. The only funny part was when Yes bent over to sign an autograph on the hood of a car and some woman came over and tried to look up his skirt. After we see both teams collecting autographs, Mike puts on a really horrible, stereotypically swishy voice and says, "The time is now 1:30. I'm dressed up about as fiercely as I can be. I'm still one ugly bitch, but we're done." Like, ha ha! Not.

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