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Bored of the Flies

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Bored of the Flies

Holly asks a woman if she will give them a ride to her pool. Dan repeats what Holly just said. I tear out my hair. Holly gets in and says it's "a tid bit nipply." Piggy is the other swimmer, and she's trying to ease her way in when Veronica gives her a shove from behind. Piggy calls her a bitch, mostly jokingly. Holly tells us they are enjoying this mission, even though it is a bit rushed since they are trying to beat the other team. Holly and Piggy remove their suits and get a picture taken.

Teck tells us they are "going to make Dave kiss a cow, then dress in drag," so his team is about to win. As he walks away from the camera, he takes off his towel to reveal his naked, ugly-ass body. Mike explains that David is going to kiss a cow. I wish I was making up the constant repetition, but I'm not. David runs around and tries to catch the cow, but he says he "underestimated the speed of cows." Annoying says he's never going to catch it. It's that kind of positivity and good cheer that makes me love her so.

Piggy says that the girls helping them out are "marvelous." Holly tries to get a cow, and Los tries to get a picture of her kissing it. Holly approaches the cow with a hand held out, like you would a strange dog. The cow smells her hand and runs away. Ha! Holly and Los give up, because the cows keep running away. Piggy says that if they are having problems, the other team probably is too.

Cut to David still chasing cows. He tells us, "Kathleen has a way about her, like she's very gentle." Who the hell is Kathleen? Oh, he means Kat. Kat almost gets a cow to let her kiss it, but then it runs away. David yells after the cow, "You got no haaaahhht." That's David-ese for "heart." Heather starts yelling at everyone, saying she's "tired of this choking." Hey, at least they are trying. She needs to chill out. She's no longer my girlfriend.

Then there's a commercial for Citra, featuring the Challenge 2000 participants. How lame was that?

Piggy says they are supposed to play "Truth or Dare" for one hour. Holly says they are good at multi-tasking because, in order to save time, they are getting the guys into drag while playing "Truth or Dare." That's actually a good strategy. In the game, Holly asks Piggy if she has "gotten any on this trip yet" and Piggy says no. Dan says they are all having a good time, like we are blind and can't see that for ourselves.

Heather says that people don't want to be serious. Annoying says they should be having fun. Heather says they can have fun after they get the money. Kat says that she could've gotten the cow if everyone had shut up, and that it bugged her that no one would listen to her. David says that team morale is down when "team members don't perform."

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