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Bored of the Flies

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Bored of the Flies

Heather tells Kat that everyone was out late last night, and that they shouldn't do that the night before a mission. She says it doesn't matter what color the snakes were, and that their preparation was bad, and she's pissed off. She finishes by saying that people will be kicking themselves in the ass if they don't get the money. While she has a point, let's face it -- finding snakes is not brain surgery. I don't know what effect the previous evening's activities had on their success. And can't anyone on this team just accept that at this particular task, on this particular day, the other team was better? Why assign blame or seek out excuses?

The sun rises on a new day and Piggy and Heather find a clue outside the buses. It's a scavenger hunt, and the winning team gets $6000. They must complete three out of six tasks on a list, and document them with Polaroids. The first team to finish wins. The RR Team discusses it, and guess that the RW team is still asleep. Cut to a shot of David, Teck and Mike snoring away. Why are they sleeping on the benches? Don't they have beds? David has his hand down his pants. Classy.

Through team discussions, we learn the six tasks. They are:

  1. One team member must kiss a live cow on the face.
  2. All three male team members must dress in full drag, go into public and get ten autographs from strangers.
  3. The entire team must play "Truth or Dare" for one hour.
  4. The team must buy baby clothes and dress a live alligator (they didn't say this one on the air but I read it from the sheet).
  5. Two team members must ask permission from a private pool owner to skinny dip, and they can use the supplied inflatables to cover themselves.
  6. Something about shaving strangers' heads, but neither team did it so I'm not sure.

Heather reads item #5, about skinny-dipping in a pool. Mike repeats exactly what Heather just said. Seriously, maybe they need to start showing three missions per episode, because they clearly don't have the video material to stretch out a whole half-hour. David explains that they met this girl, "Shannon, a little tomboy" at McDonald's, and Heather says Shannon has a friend with a pool. Mike and Teck are the designated skinny-dippers. They both disrobe and jump in. Then, Mike jumps on Teck and tries to push him under. You know, if I were a guy, which I'm not, and I was worried about people speculating about my sexuality, which I'm also not, I wouldn't be wrestling other guys naked in a pool. I'm just saying. Annoying says, "Oh God, there's like homosexuality." Shut up, Annoying.

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