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Bored of the Flies

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Bored of the Flies

Kefla has the RR team pet the cow skull that usually resides on the front of the Winnie for good luck. Yes says that with Kefla and "the horns" on their side, they'll pull through.

Round one is Teck and Kat versus Dan and Los. Dan thinks that a snake is looking at him. David cheers them on by singing a little song about "snagging snakes with the quickness." Could I make that up? The final tally in this round is RW 14, RR 20.

Round two is Mike and Annoying versus Piggy and Holly. Piggy is a total pro, gathering like ten snakes in each hand. Heather points one out to Annoying, who looks at it and says it's not one of theirs. The camera shows the snake in question, and it is indeed one of theirs. Or they inserted that shot later to make Annoying look stupid. Like she needs help. The final tally is RW 10, RR 20.

Before the next round begins, Annoying and Teck tell David to throw the other team's snakes into the bushes so they can't get to them. Yes says something to Annoying, and she does that passive-aggressive thing where she says something to Yes, but really only Kat can hear her, and says, "Don't even look at me that way because I will come over there and tear you a new asshole." That would have been a lot more threatening if she said it to Yes instead of Kat. Oh, and shut up, Annoying. Veronica says that Annoying was kicking the green snakes, which jibes with what she just told David to do. Kefla tells Veronica not to worry about it. Veronica says it doesn't matter, but Annoying is "bitching like crazy." In an interview, Veronica says, "I don't dislike her, but she's just a wimp and I don't like that. Can't she just suck it up and just get her job done?" Annoying retorts in her own interview, "I think Veronica is a very jealous person and I don't know what she's jealous of. Maybe because our team's totally winning and she's putting it out on me because..." Then there is a really obvious edit and Annoying says, "I don't have to show my tits and cleavage. I just have to wear a regular top." Wow, the way that was edited, Annoying could have said something totally different there, but they made it look like she was talking about Veronica. Or maybe she was talking about Veronica. I hate both of them and I wish they would get bitten by poisonous snakes.

Round three is David and Heather versus Veronica and Yes. Dave and Veronica both have some close calls with big, fat snakes. The final tally is RW 12, RR 14.

The totals are announced and it's RW 36 and RR 54. Wow, they kicked ass. Kefla awards the winners their ten thousand E*Trade dollars. Annoying says the win was "a present" because they feel bad for them. Shut up, Annoying. She has a little conference with her teammates and protests that the RR team had "neon green snakes" and her team had "snakes that camouflage into the leaves." Also, "Their snakes don't move and ours scatter off," and she thinks the whole thing is "very fishy." Dude, you lost. Get over it. Move on. Piggy states the obvious by saying that the RW team members are bad losers. Holly is relieved to get a win. Piggy says that Annoying is "talking shit" by saying the RR team "didn't really win because [we] were cheating" and "had better-looking snakes." Dan says his team was sick of losing and having the RW team trash talk. Piggy says that Annoying can "stick a snake up her ass for all I care." Ha! Go Piggy!

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