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Bored of the Flies

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Bored of the Flies

It's a moot point because Los arrives back on the RR bus. He tells Veronica he is sorry that he yelled, and then tells the camera that he needed to remove himself from the environment, and that "sometimes you get upset and can't name why." Los, get a therapist. I just watched Felicity and I think Stinky Toni Pavone might be able to help. I'll give her a call for you. Piggy and Veronica go to take showers, and Piggy asks Veronica what Los said. Veronica says that Los apologized. Piggy says she is impressed. On the bus, Dan says they have to pull together and fight for the next mission.

We see the same shot of the buses whizzing by on the highway from a few weeks ago. I think they will be recycling that one a lot. The buses whiz past a sign that says "Kentucky" and Holly says, "Kentucky?" like she's never heard of it. Come on, even if she was dumb enough to have missed out on a whole state in Geography class, everyone has heard of Kentucky Fried Chicken! Piggy asks again what the clue said, and Veronica replies that it was about "meet[ing] someone from your past." We see some legs walking. Veronica spots the legs and points them out and Piggy shouts, "Oh my God, it's Kefla!" (one of Piggy's castmates from Road Rules Australia, which also happens to be my favorite season). Piggy runs out and hugs him. Everyone else comes out and greets him as well. Kefla tells them to say their prayers, and then introduces them to Jeff Harrison, who is some sort of snake wrangler. Veronica screams like the girly girl she is. Jeff pulls out a green snake, and then a ribbon snake and identifies them. He says that the point of this mission will be to collect as many snakes as possible in a pre-specified time period, and that the RR team gets green snakes and the RW team gets ribbon snakes. There will be three rounds, with each team of two running through the penned-in area and gathering snakes in a bag. The snakes they are collecting rarely bite, but they will need to worry about "the other snakes." Then Jeff dumps out two barrels of assorted snakes, and says that the catch is that the teams have to avoid all the other snakes. Wow, that's a lot of snakes. Yikes. Jeff says there are over two hundred.

In case you didn't get it above, Kefla explains the rules again. I'm not going to, because unlike Bunim-Murray, I assume you all have attention spans longer than fifteen seconds. Veronica says she's not scared of snakes individually, but when there are two hundred fifty, she gets "freaked out." As much as I dislike Veronica, I can't say I blame her. Jeff tells Kefla he has to hold the bag while they count the snakes. They show a flashback from Kefla's season, where he was scared of snakes. Kefla says he will hold the empty bag, but that's about it. Annoying does some trash talk directly into the camera: "And even though they think maybe they might win, we've already gone three in a row, and it's second nature to us now. We're gonna keep winning, and they're just gonna get sadder and sadder, and that's too bad." Then she does a raspberry. Shut up, Annoying. I have to think that the camera man goaded her into doing that. I just can't accept that she might have said it on her own. It would annoy me too much to believe that.

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