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Bored of the Flies

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Bored of the Flies

Previously on Challenge 2000: Holly finds a clue that says, "Meet an old friend. He'll fill you in. Beware because this mission bites." Did that really happen last week? How did I miss that? Holly guesses that this mission will feature "snakes." Piggy yelled at Los for being rude to Veronica, and Los disappeared. Turns out he was walking! At night! In the rain!

Veronica says she "feels like crap" because her team has lost for the second time. Dan says they're sad because it's hard to get a win and the other team likes to talk trash. Holly is worried because Los took off and they don't know whether he's planning to come back. We see yet another shot of Los walking! At night! In the rain! Yes says that Los is intimidated by "the five of us, and he feels like the odd man out." Piggy updates us on the score, saying that the Road Rules team has $10,000 and the Real World team has $30,000. She hopes that some of the RW team go out and "get plastered" so "they won't be able to do shit tomorrow."

Piggy gets her wish. Mike, David and Teck are at a strip club. Are you surprised, really? Mike says, "Dave, Teck and I have a party bus." Then he says that they're a bunch of partiers. Then he says, "Party, party, party. All we do is party." Then he says, "Did y'all get it? We like to party! Woo hoo! Party! Par-tay! We're wild and crazy and we like to party!" Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating, but it wouldn't be that unusual given Bunim-Murray's penchant for repeating themselves.

The sun rises. It's raining. Holly is sitting on the bus and she says, "Hi, we're team Road Rules and there are only five of us." Dan says, "He'll come back," referring to Los, and continues, "He wants to make his money." Veronica says there will be "serious issues if he doesn't. Serious issues." Why does everyone on this show say everything twice. Say everything twice. See how annoying it is? Annoying it is? Is there an echo in here? Echo in here?

On the RW bus, Annoying says there is "no way, ever, that those people are gonna win. They're going down." She asks one of her male teammates if he knew that Los didn't come back last night. She says, "If he went home, and that's $10,000 in my pocket, I'll say bye and all, but that's $10,000 more for me." I don't get why Los going home means more money for Annoying. Wouldn't it mean more money for each member of the RR team, since they only have to split their winnings five ways instead of six? There's that twisted Annoying logic for you.

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