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Emily and Elka sit outside and talk. Emily says she felt like when she and Tim won, everyone was really happy for them, because they hadn't won any prizes yet. Well, I'll bet Hollywick wasn't that happy. Emily says they had the big wheel of prizes on her previous Challenge, and that she won a Ski-Doo, and then it was taken away from her in the second-to-last mission. They start talking about the money-sharing plans. Emily says she heard that Elka wasn't interested in making any arrangements. Elka says that's not true. In an interview, Emily says that while she would love to walk away with $50,000, it would also be nice to have a guaranteed $20,000. Emily concludes that she has to decide whether to "gamble or play it safe." Suddenly, Sean is sitting there, too. He is everywhere. Elka complains that the only reason she didn't try to make a deal with anyone is because she didn't think there was anyone left on the RR side who was interested. In an interview, Elka says that Emily trusts her and wants to make a deal with her. Emily says that it's really anyone's game at this point, and that Theo and Hollywick are a strong team. Elka agrees that it really could go either way. They both kind of say, "It's up to you." In an interview, Emily says that she and Elka had no handshake or contract, but that you can't look at Elka and not trust her. In an interview, Elka heaves a big sigh and says that everyone has made promises, but that she knows there are people there who won't be honest, and she doesn't even know whether she would give the money up, so we'll have to wait and see.

Next week: the mission has to do with wrestling. Hollywick is upset about The Miz, and calls someone on her cell phone to complain and cry about it.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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