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When we return, Emily stands up and blows the whistle. Mark declares Emily and Timmy the winners. Emily blathers into the camera that she has always wanted to be a surf girl. Sean finally figures out the problem with their structure, and Elka blows the whistle so that they get second place. Dan and Tara get third. In an interview, Elka says that she's glad that Tim and Emily won, because they are great people. Sean tells Elka that she doesn't have to say that.

Theo, Mike, and Danny are still carrying blocks up from the water. Danny and Kelley appear to be having some difficulties figuring out how to match the colors. Hollywick and Theo finish their structure, and Hollywick blows the whistle. Then, Hollywick gloats that all of the RR teams are finished. Emily lets Timmy know that he's got some snot coming out of his nose. Timmy handles it in the most gracious way possible (not) by wiping it off and then telling the camera that when he wins prizes, things come flying out of his nose.

Danny and Mike are still getting blocks. In an interview, Kelley says that she and Coral kept looking at each other and realized that they just couldn't grasp the concept of this mission. Emily, Hollywick, and Tara wonder why the remaining teams are having so much trouble finishing up. In an interview, Coral says that they have way more blocks than anyone else, and that Mike has been going in and out of the water "like some sort of sea raccoon." Heh. In an interview, Theo says that the RW teams will still be competing tomorrow. Emily can't believe that the remaining teams can't figure out how to make a tower out of four blocks. It does seem rather pathetic. Danny and Kelley finally manage to get four blocks up. Kelley doubts that she will be able to balance on top of it. Danny helps Kelley up, and then she tells him to run away while she blows the whistle. She blows the whistle, and then tells Danny to hurry back. Meanwhile, Coral climbs on top of their tower and blows the whistle, and then immediately falls onto the sand and laughs. Coral asks the camera, "What do I look like, a preschooler? Who came up with this thing? Call me at home."

Mark announces the standings, from last to first. Mike and Coral are last. Danny and Kelley are next. Then come Theo and Holly, Dan and Tara, and Sean and Elka. Timmy and Emily end up in first place, and thus win a prize package for the first time. Sadly, Calvin does not show up to present it. In an interview, Emily says that the chip she had on her shoulder toward the RW from the last Challenge has now dissolved, due both to the great people she has met, and to her winning a prize. Emily demonstrates how she's going to paddle out in the water and then jump onto her surfboard.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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