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Each team picks the male partner as the swimmer and the female partner as the builder. The men line up, ready to run into the water. In an interview, Kelley says that the RW teams decided to choose colors before the mission began, so that they wouldn't all be competing for the same blocks. In an interview, Blue Star Theo explains that he doesn't know what Hollywick is building, and he doesn't care. His job is just to go and get blocks. And then Hollywick will yell at him and tell him to go and get more. Well, at least he knows his partner well. In an interview, Timmy explains that he somehow convinced all of the other guys to hold hands and skip into the water. And they actually do it. Dan is wearing a life vest, and I'm reminded of Martin Short on SNL going, "I'm not a strong swimmer." The guys all swim out and try to grab blocks. Sean appears to be the first one back. In an interview, Sean says he's confident that Elka will be able to put the blocks together efficiently. In an interview, Danny explains that getting the blocks back to the beach is really difficult and sucks your energy out. In an interview, Timmy says pretty much the same thing.

Mike brings some blocks to Coral who yells at him for bringing her orange blocks when she needed blue. In an interview, Kelley explains that Danny brought her some orange blocks, but that they also have green on them. It looks like most of the boys have come up with ways to carry in three blocks at a time. An exhausted Danny dumps some blocks on the sand and gasps at Kelley that she has to use the least amount of blocks possible. Kelley promises to do so.

Timmy dumps two blocks in front of Emily, and she tells him to "try three this time." Surprisingly, he doesn't tell her to fuck right off, which is what I would have done. Dan and Tara puzzle over their blocks. Dan spends way too much time helping Tara and not enough time fetching blocks. Then again, he's not a strong swimmer. Emily explains her building strategy to the camera. Sean and Elka finally get four blocks up, and Elka climbs up on top. In an interview, Elka says that she asked Eric if it was done, and Eric said that they weren't ready. Sean makes a small adjustment, but he doesn't notice that one block is still showing a different color. Meanwhile, Emily is climbing atop their block tower and preparing to blow the whistle. And we have to wait until after the commercials to find out who will win. Like it's a big surprise, now that the editors have settled into this pattern of talking at the opening of the show about which team hasn't won a prize yet, and then that team wins a prize. I hope I didn't ruin it for you.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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