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Theo and Tara sit on a patio and discuss the pressure they are under. Theo says that each day brings new pressures, because you have to worry about the competitions and your fellow contestants. Theo says that it would suck if his team came in second and didn't win anything. Tara says that she's not working out a sharing agreement with anyone, because she thinks the final mission will be physical, which would mean that the RR team would be a lock. Theo agrees, but points out that if they win, he gets the ultimate grand prize plus a share of the loot. If they lose, he walks away with nothing. In an interview, Tara says that the only thing holding her back from getting in on the sharing plan is that she's sure she is going to win, and she doesn't want to give up any of her money.

Emily's cell phone rings, and she reads the message about their next mission. In an interview, Emily reminds us that she and Tim have yet to win any missions. Emily stands out on the patio and talks on her phone. To James. From RR: Maximum Velocity. Who is her boyfriend. What? You heard me. In an interview, Emily explains that she met James on the last Challenge (when he dated Rebecca, I might add), and they stayed friends. About a year later, they planned a bike trip together, and ended up falling in love. Emily thinks that James is "that guy that says the exact right thing at the right time." James? Rugby player James? Ooookay. Emily reminds us that when she was on the Challenge before, her team lost, and therefore she would like to go home with something this time.

The contestants arrive on the beach for their next mission. Eric and Mark announce that the name of the mission is "Blockheads." Aw, it's so nice that they named a mission after Eric. There are a bunch of colored blocks floating in a cordoned-off area of the water. One team member has to swim out and gather up blocks. The other team member hangs out on the beach, and once the blocks arrive, builds a structure that is four blocks high, with all of the exposed sides the same color. This might be difficult, because most of the blocks have at least two different colors on them. Once the structure is built, one team member has to stand straight up on top of one block and blow a whistle. The swimming partner and the building partner have to be designated ahead of time. In true B/M style, Kelley explains what Mark just said. Eric explains that the prize will be a surf package from Local Motion. I wish Calvin would come by and award the prize. In an interview, Emily says that the prize is a surfboard and some cool surfer gear. Mark says that it's both a physical and mental challenge.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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