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Previously on the Challenge: Mark announced that the contestants were there to represent their seasons and try to become the elite team. They would battle it out for $300,000. Tara reminded us that the contestants have been through a hurricane, fighting, and "so much damn drama" that no one wants to go home empty-handed. Sean and Elka lead the pack on the RW side, with Mike and Coral behind them, and Danny and Kelley only a point lower. Theo and Hollywick have a commanding lead on the RR side, with Dan and Tara twenty-six points behind them, and Emily and Timmy in last place. Emily explained that she and Timmy wanted to be the best team there, but that it hasn't happened.

Sean, Kelley, and Mike eat breakfast. Sean says that the further they get in the competition, the more he feels like the RW might win it. He thought that the RW would get crushed. Kelley agrees that they definitely have a chance. Sean says that if the next competition is athletic, the RW team might be in trouble. Sean thinks that Danny and Kelley could do well. Mike doesn't say anything, but I'll bet he is wondering if Sean would like to meet The Miz. In an interview, Kelley says that going home with nothing would be awful, because they have worked so hard. Sean tells the others that he's been talking to Theo and Dan about splitting the prize money. In an interview, Sean explains that he's been talking to his opponents about a system whereby the winning team would kick back some money to the losing team. Each contestant would have a partner on the other side with whom to share the money, win or lose. In an interview, Coral says that the theory behind it is that everyone deserves to walk away with something. What is this, caring and sharing hour? It's a contest! The winners deserve the prizes. The losers deserve no prizes.

Emily, Timmy, and Dan eat breakfast together. In an interview, Emily says that they're trying to decide whether they want to split the money, because there are a few people who aren't interested. Timmy explains the possible plan to us again. You know, the editors should spend a little less time telling us how the plan's going to work, and a little more time giving us hard facts as to how the winnings are awarded, because no one seems to be able to solve that mystery. Timmy and Sean discuss the plan. Sean wants to be sure that all of the contestants know what they are getting into. In an interview, Sean says that he often drafts contracts as a lawyer, so his teammates are looking to him to write something up. Oh, dear. I don't know if I would trust Sean with that responsibility, especially when it concerns such large amounts of money. Timmy says that it all comes down to trust. In an interview, Timmy says he thinks that splitting the prize money is a good idea, because it makes it about competition and not greed. Wuh? I don't get that at all. Did they all really go to Mexico for the joy of competition?

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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