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Stormin' Mormon

The buses hit the highway. Julie and Rebecca have a heart-to-heart in the bus. Julie explains that she thought college would be an opportunity to expand her surroundings, but it wasn't, and her parents don't understand. Rebecca counsels her that she needs to leave the nest. Julie wonders why she can't be happy with what she's been given, and that she feels lazy because she doesn't want to work to find what makes her happy. We've heard all this before.

Julie talks to her mother via cell phone. In an interview, Julie explains that BYU has suspended her for a year. Whatever. You all know what happened. They spend about five minutes on Julie talking to her mom about it, squatting on the ground, pulling her hair out of her face and badmouthing BYU.

Next week: Kameelah tells James that he's attractive. James says that girls don't approach him. The teams have to carry fish on some boards on the water, and Laterrian gets knocked on his ass, requiring oxygen.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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