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Emily goes first. Ramona rides alongside in a boat, timing them. Emily explains the deal again, but you all know the deal. Emily hits a big wave and squats down to get her balance. Michelle claims that Emily "almost bit it." Emily ends up with a time of 52.15 seconds. How much control do they have over their time, really? How fast can a blimp go? This all seems so arbitrary. Jamie is up next, and it's smooth sailing for Extreme Sports Boy -- he gets a time of 48.13 seconds.

Christian is up next, and he's smiling and motioning for the blimp to go faster. There are about ten different modes of transportation visible at one point -- the blimp, a helicopter, a couple of boats, some jet-skis. Bunim-Murray -- contributing to the pollution of our water and airways. Christian clocks in at 47.06 seconds, meaning that Julie has to get a score of 51.08 or lower. They don't tell us this, but I figured it out on my calculator. You're welcome. Ramona does the math on a little pad and paper and claims that "Road Rules might be pulling this one out."

Julie hops into the water and tells us that the rope slipped out of her hand twice before she even got up. Jamie offers her some last-minute advice. Julie's final time is 49.36 seconds, which means that her team wins. None of them can do the math, apparently, because they wait for Ramona's announcement. Dan tells Julie that no matter what, her accomplishment was the best. Aw, Dan. He's so supportive. When they're winning. Ramona announces that the RW team wins. In an interview, Syrrhosis claims that "Julie rocked." Dan gives Julie a big hug as the RR team looks disappointed. Christian seconds that emotion in an interview. James, in an interview, says that RR was trying to "take the first competition" and "set the tone." Unlike all of the other competitions, I guess where they won't give a rat's ass. The RW team gets their pictures taken with a big check.

Two buses are parked in a parking lot -- one for each team. Each one is covered in pictures of the team members, which is so embarrassing. Can you imagine driving down the highway in that thing? The team members exclaim over their lush mode of travel. Michelle says that they are "spoiled." James yells out to no one in particular that "this is a lot better than the Winnie, dog." He tries to repeat it to Christian, who wants nothing to do with him. iBook product placements abound.

After the teams check out their new homes, Ramona calls them outside. She introduces them to the "Wheel of Good Stuff," a big...well, wheel that will be spun after every challenge. An MVP of the challenge will be selected, and he or she wins whatever comes up. There is no explanation of how this person will be selected, so I'm guessing it's just random until everyone wins at least once. James starts hopping up and down like a bunny. Dude! Take. Your. Ritalin. The first MVP is, of course, Julie. Everyone cheers. She spins the wheel and wins "a bunch of Jeep stuff." At first, I thought that she won an actual Jeep, which would have been a bonus. Ramona bids everyone adieu.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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