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Ramona tells them that there is a slalom course on the water, and that the times will be combined. Whichever team has the fastest time wins. Ayanna keeps asking if there is something more to the contest, like maybe the producers were poking her with a stick or something. After more egging from the cast, Ramona reveals that a boat won't pull the skiers (or boarders) -- the blimp will pull them. The blimp coincidentally (ha!) flies out from behind a patch of trees at that moment, as if it were the shark from Jaws, just waiting to strike. It would've been funny if someone had looked at Syrrhosis and said, "I think we're going to need a bigger blimp." I would've laughed, anyway. The kids start freaking out like they've never seen a blimp before. Kameelah, who will be standing on the sidelines, screams and flaps her hands around. What? Why are they so excited? Did the "applause" sign just light up or something? That is the most inauthentic reaction I've seen on this show, and that's saying something. James grabs his chest as if he's having a heart attack. Come on, now. In an interview, Julie says that "any lingering confidence [she] had disappeared when [she] saw the blimp," and that there's no way she can pull this off. If I didn't know any better, I would think the editors are setting us up for a Julie triumph. Oh wait, that's exactly what they're doing. Ho-hum.

After some more commercials for a certain online job-hunting site (both the paid and product-placement kind), Christian tells those of you just tuning in that they have to water-ski behind a blimp, and he's probably the first Norwegian to do so. The RW team huddles up. In an interview, Syrrhosis tells us that he saw Julie crying and he told himself to forget about the loot. Syrrhosis gives Julie some encouragement while Jamie yawns. I feel you, brother. In an interview, Julie sets up her eventual triumph some more. Ramona introduces Terry, who the on-screen text identifies as "Blimp Crew." Is he the entire crew? I wouldn't think a blimp would have the thrust to pull someone out of the water. I can imagine it could pull them once they were up, but in my experience the getting out of the water part is the most difficult part. Terry's big advice to the skiers is to "let go" if something goes wrong. You may laugh, but the first time I went water-skiing (behind a boat, not a blimp), I forgot that crucial piece of advice, and I got so much water up my nose I think my brain is still floating in Keuka Lake remnants. And that was about twenty years ago.

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