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The RR team dines in style on the yacht, and even does a little toast. Christian and Laterrian simultaneously kiss Ayanna. More toasts. The Bars Del Fuego have mysteriously disappeared, I notice. In an interview, Christian says that "strange things happen to people when the winner takes it all, and the losers are put down in the mud." Cut to the RW team gathered around a fire. Syrrhosis sips a Bud (no, seriously) while saying that his "toes are frozen." I wonder if that's a side effect of the puffiness? Dan tries to look on the bright side of things, saying that they could make a fort and camp out like when they were kids. Kameelah grouses that she never camped out. Kameelah climbs into one of the makeshift tents, but I'm not sure who is already in there. Dan and Julie stay out by the campfire and talk. Dan asks about Julie's future plans, and she says that she will only be stopping by Wisconsin to pick up her things, because her parents have told her that she can't live with them because she's a bad influence on her younger siblings. Aw. I know that I complain about Julie bitching about the whole BYU fallout, but no one deserves to be told by their parents that they're a "bad influence," particularly someone who has done as little wrong as Julie. I mean, it's not like she's a crack whore. That's just sad. Julie plays it off by saying that she shouldn't be living at home at twenty-one anyway. She is also speaking with an accent for some reason. Julie voice-overs that her getting kicked out of BYU would bring disgrace upon her family. Okay, I'm over my sympathy. It's not entirely Julie's fault -- I'm sure she was asked a lot of questions about BYU and that's why she was talking about it all the time. Still. Enough.

The next morning, Ramona calls them all over to the pier and announces that the scores don't really matter because today's challenge is worth seventy-five points. She reminds them that the winning team gets $20,000. Each team has to pick its best female and male water-skiiers. Julie claims that she has skiied "three or four times." In an interview, Kameelah explains that her team picked Jamie and Julie.

Over on the RR side, Emily tells Christian that he is "a stud on [the] island, a stud on the water," and he hugs her. In an interview, Laterrian explains that Emily and Christian will represent their team. Ramona tells them that they will get some training runs.

Emily, Jamie, and Christian all appear to be doing well behind the boat. Julie says she's "a complete virgin to wakeboarding." She falls many times. Christian boards by her and waves. Hee! In an interview, Emily explains that they were playing some mind games. Julie falls some more. And some more. She tries to use water-skis instead of the wakeboard, but doesn't have much luck with that either. She explains that she had very little confidence. Gee, do you think Julie will make a miraculous comeback and win the mission for her team? It's hard to say. Emily expresses confidence to her team while Jamie downplays Julie's struggles to his own. In an interview, Emily says that Jamie and Julie "seemed a little nervous." Rebecca tells Julie that she's willing to take over.

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