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Emily gives Christian a little pep talk, telling him that if he can get his balloons across, their team will take the lead. On the ground, Julie jokes about her taunting the opponents and then getting hit in the face. At least she can admit it, I guess. Christian starts across, but two of his balloons slide from his shoulder down his arm and perch there precariously. When he gets about halfway across, the dangling balloons give up the ghost and break. In an interview, Christian says that after that competition, his self-esteem was "pretty low." Aw, don't be sad, Christian! We still love you. The RW team still has the lead, 12-9.

Julie tries to psych up her team, while Christian can't believe how many balloons he lost. In an interview, James says that "things are not going well," and they need to "come up and go big." Sometimes I think James just puts words together whether they form a sentence or not.

It's time for the last event of this heat. Laterrian explains that it's a vertical rope course: two people have to climb up through a series of tires and ropes while carrying water balloons and facing a barrage of water-soaked balls from their opponents, as in the previous event. First up are Laterrian and Ayanna. In an interview, Rebecca says that Laterrian had "eighteen billion balloons on him," and she hoped someone would knock them off, and then Ayanna went up with "fifteen billion also." I am as guilty as anyone of using hyperbole to make a point, but "fifteen billion"? At least she didn't say "bazillion." Laterrian is the first up the ropes, and Ayanna trails behind. Apparently, she's supposed to be creating tension in the ropes, but I never took physics and I've never gone rock climbing, so I don't really understand the principles involved here. I just know that Laterrian keeps yelling, "Tension!" (or maybe that was one of the producers with some wishful thinking) and Ayanna says that she can't. In an interview, Ayanna says she can "go light in the touch," because she watches "a lot of kung-fu flicks." Again, what does that even mean? What do kung-fu movies have to do with climbing ropes? And how do both of them relate to touch? I'm so confused. Laterrian grabs some of the balloons from Ayanna, and then helps her up to the top of the course. The RR team leads 17-12. On the ground, Emily cheers and, in a show of good sportsmanship, Dan cheers too.

The RR team discusses how they have to do their best to hit the RW team's balloons in order to win. Emily says that they have to stop complaining and get the job done. I knew I liked her for a reason. In an interview, Emily tells us that Christian has the best aim with the slingshot, and that she wants him to "nail them. Get them! Get them good!" Jamie and Kameelah will be climbing for the RW team. Balloons are just falling from Jamie every step of the way. Kameelah keeps getting nailed with balls from the slingshot that break her water balloons. Kameelah voice-overs that "Christian has this aim that is unbelievable," and he does appear to be quite the sharpshooter. Maybe that's a Norwegian thing. The final tally reveals that the RR team wins the heat 17-16. Various members of the RW team lament that they lost by only one point, but no one brings up Syrrhosis's disputed balloon from earlier, which means it must not have been a big deal. Ramona announces the winner, and that the RR team leads overall 50-25. The RR team doesn't really celebrate, and both teams shake hands before the RR team heads off to the yacht. In an interview, James says that there are "a lot of bitter feelings" between the teams, so they didn't want to "cheer too loud [sic]," but inside he was psyched about the yacht.

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