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Previously on the Challenge: The editors introduced us all to the letterbox bars filled with flames (hereafter known as the Bars Del Fuego -- I know it's probably not proper Spanish, but that's part of the appeal). Ramona from Survivor was the Mission Mayor. The kids had to bungee jump from a crane into a Ring of Fire on a lake. Someone emailed me and told me to stop ripping on Detroit, so I'll just say that it looked like Cleveland. (Cleveland-ites -- kidding!) The Real World won that heat (geddit? Heat?) and got to sleep on a yacht that night, while the Road Rules team had to eat military MREs and camp out on the island. The next day, the teams had to traverse a rope course while holding water balloons, and their opponents got to try to knock them out with a slingshot and water-soaked balls. Just as they ended the episode, Syrrhosis was hanging horizontally, about to take a big digger. Will he live to see another bottle of Bud?

The episode picks up where the last left off, but Syrrhosis somehow manages to make it to the end of the rope, all the while yelling out, "Keep with me, Jamie!" Jamie was on the ground, serving as his ballast. I half-expected Jamie to go flying into the air, because I'm sure Syrrhosis weighs more than Jamie does. In an interview, Syrrhosis picks his cuticles and says that he's "not going to sleep on the island, in the rain." Ramona makes to count Syrrhosis's balloons, and she sees three. Julie claims there are four, pointing out "this little guy." Syrrhosis says, "That's no balloon -- my harness is too tight!" Sorry, I couldn't resist. The RR team protests. Ayanna takes the initiative to try to break the tension by telling the RW team that they did a good job. Unless she was being sarcastic. I don’t think she was, though. Somehow, this whole dispute gets resolved, although we never see it happening. Either the RW team just stopped arguing about it, or someone stepped in and made a judgment call on it. The RW team leads now, 8-7. Dan comments that they "slid down the evolutionary scale a little bit with that." What? What does that even mean?

Julie is up next. She claims that her team will be spending another night on the yacht. While walking across the rope, Julie taunts the RR team, who are trying to peg her with the balls from the slingshot -- and they do. Ha! After she finishes, the RW team leads 12-7.

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