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Blazed and Confused: Top 10 Moments of Inferno 3

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Blazed and Confused: Top 10 Moments of Inferno 3

And now, the hook-up review. Tonya puts herself in charge of this, saying she knows everyone who hooked up, and she could just "be Coral right now" and list them all, and she thinks she will. Excellent. Ace admits to trying to hook up with Cara but failing. Tonya: "Jenn and Kenny! There ya go!" Susie and Janelle report that Colie tried to hook up with almost everyone, and everyone passed. Paula rogers that, saying that Colie was like, "'Here's my vagina, if you want it,'" and then she does a little "no thanks" shtick. Bananas says Colie did make out with Ace and he has it on tape. Ace admits to that, and to making out with Jenn also. Susie mentions the Jenn/Kenny thing. Kenny says Jenn "got lucky," and jokes that she said she wanted to know "what it was like to walk on the sun." Then Susie says Derrick and Jenn hooked up…? Tonya's next pairing: Janelle and Alton. Janelle is speechless. Alton laughs and refuses to comment. So does Ace, saying Alton would kick his ass. Derrick doesn't know about anything. Kenny: "Hear no evil, see no evil." Janelle is "completely denying any hook-ups." …All righty then. I didn't know Alton could have these people killed for talking about his sex life, but I guess that's the deal, because everyone's all Mark Felt about it. Moving on…

Moment #2 is Timmy's "controversial DQ." The narrator calls Timmy a "Challenge legend." Might I refer the narrator and everyone else to Moment #9. I've never liked Timmy, I think it's creepy how long he's been doing these Challenges, and good riddance. There, I said it. Unseen footage lets us know that Timmy cut the hell out of his knees; Cara claims that he had about a thousand stitches, couldn't bend his legs, and wouldn't have been able to compete even if he'd won the disputed Inferno, and it does look like a pretty gory scene. We see Timmy's Valkyrie speech again, and the finalists interview about what a fine human being Timmy is and what a tough blow it was to the team and blah blah give me a bucket.

And the #1 Moment? "Derrick finally wins." Lame! I mean, if you're going to do these douchey things, yeah, you should at least win, but as high points of the season go? Beat. I'm surprised we didn't hear the theme from The Natural here, although I guess they'd only play that if Alton had won. As Paula's talking about how nobody needed it more or fought for it more or deserved it more than Derrick, my DVR is like, "I hate you for making me record this," and cuts it off, so perhaps someone who watched it live can fill you guys in on the forums.

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