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Blazed and Confused: Top 10 Moments of Inferno 3

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Blazed and Confused: Top 10 Moments of Inferno 3

Unseen footage of Aneesa teaching Tonya to strip-tease. Paula doesn't "have words." Heh. Over a clip of Aneesa bending Tonya upside down in her lap so Tonya can wiggle her butt in Aneesa's face, Paula attempts to describe the stripping "lesson," concluding dryly that she's "sure Tonya already knows how to do that." Heh. Susie says she saw some of it on a monitor and found it disturbing, and maybe they could "read a book or…complete full sentences" before they try stripping. "I mean, isn't smelling like a stripper enough?" See, for some reason this kind of comment isn't as bothersome coming from Paula, maybe because she doesn't overclose the joke and then laugh at the not-that-funny funny she just made, but more likely because she's not a judgmental hypocrite.

Moment #4 is Susie "unable" to "decide" whether to send Cara or Paula into the Inferno. The narrator, who is now my boyfriend, refers to Susie's "crocodile tears" about this choice. The choice itself is another point I'll not belabor, except to observe that, in the intervening time, Susie has found a way to blame Cara for the discord -- if Cara had volunteered herself for the Inferno, Susie would have sent her, but Cara didn't, so Susie had to send Paula. Well, yes, Susie, the fact that the winner of the Life Shield has to choose who goes in is rather inconvenient, but that is, I regret to inform you, the FUCKING POINT OF IT. The various guys interview about the lameness of the Cara/Susie alliance. Kenny refers to the entire female gender as "backstabbing bastards," which is so wrong that it comes back around to being funny.

Moment #3: Abram hucks Susie into the water. Susie now claims that she was "out, praying, on the deck" and was accosted out of nowhere. You reap what you sow, brat. Ask your Bible. We also find out that she marched out afterwards with her wet pajamas, dumped them on the pool apron, and ordered Abram and Bananas to wash and dry them by the next morning. So they did exactly that -- in the toilet. Using the toilet brush. I feel a weird tingling sensation, it's unfamiliar and kind of ooky…so this is what liking Abram feels like. Interesting. Tonya and Derrick react to the news that Susie's clothing got laundered in the crapper with outright glee. Heh. Ace says he felt bad, so he went back and washed the clothes for her afterwards. …Jesus, Ace. Why? Tonya's like, I can't fucking believe that guy, which is exactly what I said. Let Susie wear some Ty-D-Bowl, she deserves it!

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