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Blazed and Confused: Top 10 Moments of Inferno 3

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Blazed and Confused: Top 10 Moments of Inferno 3

Bananas continues that Cara was whining about how they moved her covers and her boob might have popped out, and eye-rolls that 1) there were no cameras there and 2) didn't she pose for Playboy? Footage of Cara and Colie getting all Salem-witch-trial about things. Kenny's like, you couldn't have paid any of us enough to touch Colie so she's full of shit. Ouch! Also: ha! Bananas grumbles that Ace is so unconfrontational that he gave in and made it up with Susie, and also that Ace "was so far up Cara's ass the entire show." It's pretty telling that Susie wishes it hadn't been Ace she punched, because "everybody loves Ace." Ohhhh, okay. So if you'd punched a less well-liked cast member, you'd be okay with it, because then everyone wouldn't think less of you. God, she sucks. Susie closes by perking that she wishes it had been Bananas instead. Yeah…no, you don't. He's bigger than Ace and he hates your ass. You'd be wearing your lower lip as a beret.

Moment #6: Ace and Johnny get into it over the giraffe course. This isn't super-interesting, except for two things: 1) Ace admits that, watching it back, he sees that Johnny did try to tell the team about the markings, and he probably just missed it; and 2) Cara and Susie got needlessly involved by working Ace up over the perceived slight, probably to take the focus off of Cara fucking up for Susie's benefit and throw the negative spotlight onto Bananas. Bananas says as much, saying the girls made it out to Ace like Bananas screwed him on purpose so he could win the scooter, and it was a turning point in the team dynamic. He also reiterates that Ace bought it because it came from Cara. Ace says everyone talked shit about Cara, but she's cute so he didn't care. Well, at least he admits his douchery, unlike some people. Susie. And Cara.

For Moment #5, I will quote the narrator as he says that "some people forget that it's only a game. And by 'some people,' we mean 'Rachel.'" Hee! Want a job, Narrator Guy? Footage of Rachel blubbering hysterically after she's beaten in the Inferno; then we hear her calling Jenn a "chubby civilian" in VO. Derrick compares the whole scene to the reveal on Maury. Susie: "It's just weird, I mean, she went to Iraq, how could this be worse?" It pains me, but: word, Susie. Paula says she was embarrassed for Rachel. Abram confines himself to a "daaaamn, dude." Heh. Tonya and Janelle both express the desire to thump Rachel's skull for the chubby-civilian comment. Janelle: "Waaaait a minute, like…take a look in the mirror." …Yeah, that's the thing. I remember a few ill-advised miniskirts from Rachel's season; she's not chubby either, really, but she's further along that curve than Jenn is, in my opinion. Bananas thinks it's accurate, but Bananas thinks a lot of things.

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