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Blazed and Confused: Top 10 Moments of Inferno 3

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Blazed and Confused: Top 10 Moments of Inferno 3

Moment #8: The "I Hate Tonya" game. After some footage of the game, Cara explains that it's "ridiculous low blows" that are "too easy," and then talks about how "no girl wants to hear" that she has a fat ass, in a tone that implies she thinks she scored a strong point off Tonya with that. But she just said the comments were "too easy," and that one isn't actually even accurate, so I'm not sure why she's so proud of herself. Susie chirps that she feels the game helped them in their mission, and "really bonded us." Um, what? Your team lost; Tonya's team, with Tonya still on it, won -- probably because you were overly bonded with Cara and, as a result, not bonded to your other teammates, most of whom loathed you for exactly this sort of high-school horseshit. If you hate Tonya, just hate her; don't dress it up like it's a rite of passage akin to Marine Corps boot camp. Ace and Janelle are grossed out by the game (when it aired, Ace texted Tonya with a reason why he likes her). Ev's like, nice Christianity, bitches -- Cara and Susie talked more shit about other people than anyone else. Susie admits that she hates Tonya because Tonya hates her. Fine! Just say that! Cara's like, yeah, it's mean, but Tonya brings it on herself. Derrick acknowledges that this might be kind of true. Tonya says she wishes she could "be a girls' girl," and "fit in." With what -- that? Why?

Then there's some unseen footage -- which we can barely make out, because the Inferno-themed screen frame they're using reduces the viewing area to like six square inches of screen -- of Kenny accusing the boom mic girl of farting (…I think) and Susie doing a not-very-good TJ Lavin imitation and Bananas flopping into the bath with Janelle, and then the Donnas start playing and there's wrestling and people getting chucked into the pool, blurred butts, people belching in confessionals, and so on.

Moment #7: Susie decks drunk Ace. Great. Real psyched to revisit this one. Not. Ace describes Susie coming at him "like a blue demon," saying she was "punching like crazy" and "it felt like some kind of UFC thing." Heh. Bananas complains that not only did Susie whale on Ace, but she and Cara and Colie went to production as a "preemptive strike" and "concocted" a story about they felt "threatened and violated and all this nonsense." Now, Bananas is not the most progressive commentator on social issues, but even a broken clock is right twice a day, and I think the distinction he's trying to make here is a good one -- that there's a difference between thinking drunk fratty boombatties barging into your room is annoying, which it is, but saying so puts you at risk of seeming uptight and an enemy of fun; and claiming that this violated you somehow, which makes you a sympathetic victim but is a much more serious accusation which in turn justifies your overreaction. And I don't have any problem at all with Susie cold-decking the guy for being a noisy jackhole when she's trying to sleep, but of course she can't just own that, and of course Cara has to jump on the bandwagon and act like a war crime was committed. Abram openly laughs at the idea that anyone could feel threatened by Ace's drunken songsmithing. Susie talks about the "power differential" and how she's "not comfortable" with having three drunk men in her room at that hour; apparently she's still under the impression that these shows air on the Pax Network. Not, she's a total revisionist historian. She wasn't "uncomfortable." She was pissed. I don't know why she can't just say so.

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