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Bed Sores

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Bed Sores

Montana says that she doesn't know what happened, and Jason says that it's "embarrassing as hell." He's embarrassed by losing and yet not by his inane conversations with Janet? Interesting. Kalle calls the Road Rules team in for a group hug. Montana tells the camera that "it's mean to keep doing this when they picked people who are obviously so mismatched." Nathan bitches that Kefla pushed off their bed, and Beth's head. Beth, who is walking without crutches and barely a limp, says, "Like I'm not injured enough." In an interview, Neil says they have yet to see a challenge they can excel in, because his team has style, beauty, and intelligence, but the other team has the brawn.

Back at the Winnie, Nathan bitches some more. Beth says it's not fair that their team won't get a chance in the money machine. Some guy comes up and offers them clues for their next challenge. They have to pick a job: "Japanese Pacer" or "Snoop Doggy Dogg." Beth encourages Jason to pick "Snoop Doggy Dogg," and he does. He opens the envelope and reveals that they have to travel to Hollywood. Beth does a big hooray for Hollywood.

Kefla jokes around on the bus, charming Roni, who says that people who are attracted to her are some of the craziest people. Over in the Winnie, Beth complains about the heat as the thermometer reveals that it is over one hundred degrees inside. Okay, I'd be complaining about the heat, too. Neil takes out some hair gel and rubs it in his hair. Nathan is driving. They spot a cop behind them, and notice that he's calling in their plate. Then he puts his siren on and they get pulled over. Nathan pulls over. In an interview, Jason says they got pulled over because of Bessie's appearance. The cop asks for license and registration, and Nathan doesn't have his license. Neil's sitting in the back, all, "Ask him why he pulled you over, Nate!" Yeah, Neil. Fucking pigs, man. Except it's about thirty years too late for that attitude. In an interview, Jason says that the cop had no choice but to let them go because he had nothing on them.

After the cop pulls away, Nathan tries to start the Winnie and fails. He totally floods the engine. Beth uses the CB to call the Road Rules bus, and they return to pick them up. The Real World team says that they don't want to leave the Winnie now. Jason says, "I will never love a woman the way I loved Big Bessie." Shut up and go read a book and paint your fingernails, you poser. ["Well, I think it's true he'll never love a woman that way." -- Wing Chun] Nathan takes a Polaroid of himself and Kalle as he voice-overs that Kalle is not the type of girl you just want to hook up with -- she's the kind of girl you want to get to know so that you can hook up many times. Okay, I might have added that last part.

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