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Bed Sores

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Bed Sores

On the bus, Noah puts on some stockings. His teammates also get their costumes on. Mark tells Kefla that he looks like a WWF wrestler. On the Winnie, Nathan tells Jason that the other team was making fun of him, saying that he'll be running alongside the bed smoking a cigarette. Actually, Nathan, I think it was you who said that. Jason claims that if he had "five cigarettes hanging out of [his] hole, [he] could still outrun Noah." I'm so sure.

The teams arrive at the bed races. Jason comes out of the bathroom wearing a Speedo and a feathered headdress. I guess he's supposed to be the Indian. Janet is wearing military garb. Beth is a construction worker. Montana is a cop. Neil is a cowboy. I think Nathan is a beekeeper. I don't know. Montana paints words on Jason's body. He has thankfully added a loincloth to his ensemble. Anne and Kalle peek over to see what's going on. Neil, wearing a cowboy hat and no shirt, tells the camera that a lot of people are jealous of his body. He's very white, and very flabby.

We are reminded that the best two out of three races wins. The Road Rules team members are dressed up like bugs and insects, with antennae and wings and such. The girls actually look more like fairies than bugs, but it's cute. Kalle tells the camera that losing hasn't even crossed their minds, because they're going to win. The teams take their spots behind the beds at the top of the hill, and we go to commercial.

In an interview, Nathan says that if his team doesn't win, Road Rules will brag some more. Okay, so I figured it out. Nathan is a fireman. You can see why I was confused. Neil gives Nathan some tips as to how to push the bed straight down the hill. Good thing he has a PhD. Otherwise, they probably couldn't figure that one out. The race begins; the Road Rules team takes an early lead, and keeps it for the entire race, winning handily. In an interview, Nathan says that he's competitive, and that, when he doesn't win, he's pissed. He's the proto-James!

The teams line up for the second heat. The Real World team tries to run the Road Rules team off the course. Halfway through, Roni falls down and tumbles along, but her team keeps going. At the end, it's only Mark and Kefla pushing the thing. And only Nathan and Jason are pushing for their team. The Road Rules team wins, and Kefla starts yelling, "Even when you cheat, you still can't beat!" He's the Muhammad Ali of Road Rules. Nathan gets all pissed off, and then realizes that Kefla is about ten times the size of him, so he blows it off. Kalle gives Mark a big hug as we learn that the Road Rules team has now earned two minutes in the money machine.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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