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Bed Sores

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Bed Sores

Montana sneaks into the bus and steals the teddy bear, and then hangs it on the hook in the Winnie. She locks the door to the Winnie so that no one can get in. The ever-resourceful Noah drags a picnic table over to the driver's side window, climbs in, and retrieves the teddy bear. Did I promise shenanigans or what? Neil and Jason discover that the bear is gone, and Noah laughs. In an interview, Montana says that stealing the bear is fun, but that when you realize it's gone, it hurts. ["That seems like it should be a euphemism for something." -- Wing Chun]

Nathan and Kalle have a conversation on the Winnie. Nathan says that he gets a lot of scholarships for school, and that his father died when he was sixteen. Kalle says that her brother lives with her dad, and that her mother is dead. She died when Kalle was eighteen. Kalle tears up talking about it. Kalle either has a piercing in her lip, or a piece of glitter stuck to her face. In an interview, Kalle says that she and Nathan have a lot in common because of their dead parents. Kalle says that it made her realize she's a lot stronger than she thought, and that it made her appreciate everything else she has. Nathan sympathizes. Kalle says that people say your dead relatives are looking down on you. Nathan feels that way about his dad, but Kalle doesn't feel that way about her mom at all. Kalle says that she's seen a shooting star every year on her mom's birthday, and on the anniversary of her death.

The teams stop at a restaurant. Nathan sits alone on a curb, so Mark calls him over to hang out with the Road Rules team. Inside the Winnie, Montana says they are going to "put Beth on the bed, and let Darwinism take its course, and just send her down the hill." Nathan makes fun of his team drinking "whiskey and Cokes," smoking, and bragging that they are going to win the mission. Nathan walks over and joins the Road Rules team. In an interview, Jason says that Nathan isn't going over there because Nathan's team is losing; it's because Nathan has a crush on Kalle. In an interview, Nathan says that Kalle is a beautiful girl, and that they're just going to be friends. Then he winks. Then there's, like, five minutes of Nathan sitting, Kalle sitting, Nathan sitting, Kalle sitting.

The next morning, Janet walks back from the bathroom and reports to her team that Beth is still curling her hair. Everyone is disgusted, and Janet goes to hurry Beth up. Montana is painting a huge moustache on Nathan. In an interview, Nathan makes fun of Beth for curling her hair to portray a construction worker. They drive over to pick up Beth, who is now walking without the crutches.

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