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Bed Sores

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Bed Sores

Kalle says that she's glad to have her teammates, because if she had to count on Neil and Jason for anything physical, she'd be screwed. As evidence, she points out how much they smoke, and illustrates how they would hack up a lung trying to run down a hill. Charming.

The teams arrive at a store to buy decorations and costumes. Neil gets dressed up like a cowboy. Noah climbs out of a dumpster. Not sure what that was about. Jason holds up a pair of chaps, and Montana says that they need to trim it down. Jason tells her to "take into account [his] large member." Ugh. Hate him. Mark is sewing something. The Real World team scores a police uniform frolm a security guard. Mark and Kalle illustrate their theme, with fly swatters, and plastic bugs. Janet says that their theme is "Village People" and preparations are "going awesome," and she's getting into "major competitive mode."

Janet says that they need to tear down some velour. The Real World team starts tearing the fabric from the walls of the Winnie. I thought they loved Bessie? Montana explains that the Winnie is "decked out in '70s gear," so they are using it to make their bed. They start decorating their bed. In an interview, Jason says he's definitely interested in getting to know Janet better. Janet tells Jason that he had better be confident about "the size of [his] peter," because everyone's going to see it. In an interview, Janet says that she always has her eye on someone. Jason says that he'll shove a sock in his pants. I wish he'd shove a sock in his mouth. The Road Rules team decorates their bed and do a test run. Mark tells the camera that he's guaranteeing a victory.

At night, Janet and Jason sit outside the Winnie at a picnic table. Jason explains that he reads Wherever You Go, There You Are over and over, underlining sections and rereading and learning lessons. In an interview, Janet says that she's attracted to spontaneous people. Jason says that he hates learning lessons...wait, why am I transcribing this inane conversation? It's dumb. I'm moving on. In an interview, Jason says that he'd like to give Janet a kiss. They brush their teeth outside, and discuss being friends before dating someone. Janet goes into the bus to sleep, and I'm not sure why she gets to sleep in there, when Jason has to sleep in the stinky Winnie. Then again, I don't care enough to think up a reason.

The next morning, Janet is painting Jason's fingernails. Could I make that up? Jason is wearing a lovely ensemble, consisting of pants, a wife-beater, and a fedora. In an interview, Janet says that she never dated a guy who paints his fingernails or takes longer to fix his hair than she does. I hope that she cringes when she watches this now. In an interview, Jason says, "She's highly smoochable. She's soooooo smoochable." Ugh. The rest of their team joins them at the picnic table. They discuss the bus versus the Winnie. Nathan says that he'll miss driving the Winnie after they win this mission. Jason, who suddenly has a Southern accent, says, "There's a slight chance that we might get it back. I'm just talking real." Nathan says that he was told the Winnie's engine has been rebuilt, and that it's supposed to go for another hundred thousand miles.

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