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Bed Sores

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Bed Sores

We're at Mammoth Mountain RV Park. Roni finds a newspaper on the ground near the kids' campsite, and there is a story on the front page about their next mission. Nathan reads the story, and reveals that they will be competing in a bed race. Neil argues that his team could win on style points. It's funny that, when he says this, he has a really bad Caesar haircut, which I guess was popular at the time, and is wearing some ugly plastic sunglasses.

Beth hobbles over with an air cast on her foot, holding one of those canes with the four legs for stability. In an interview, Beth says that she never thought she'd be using a walker at such a young age. Tee hee, except not. Neil tells Beth that they need to push a bed. Beth suggests that she lie in the bed while they push her. Neil says that might work, but he still thinks Beth is getting "the easy option." Seriously, if she can't contribute, boot her ass out. In an interview, Montana says that it's up to Beth. In an interview, Beth says that she's there to compete, be a team player, and win. Neil tells Beth that if she expects a cut of the cash, she needs to contribute. Damn straight.

As Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta" plays, Nathan gives Jason advice on driving the Winnie. Jason says that he's driving a 1976 Winnebago named "Bessie." Jason and Nathan discuss Bessie, and how great she is. Shut up, Jason. In an interview, Jason says that if they love her, they should "put a nice dress on her." The two teams cover Bessie in spray paint, so now it looks even worse.

The two teams arrive at the Frontier Days celebration, where they will be competing against each other in the bed races. Whoever wins two out of three races gets a minute in the money machine, plus the luxury tour bus. The teams are told to find some guy named Jim who sells beds; they can decorate them as wildly as possible.

Mark suggests that they win so that they can stay in the bus. Noah says that he drove the Winnie the other day, and that it sucks. Kefla suggests that their theme should be "Bed Bugs." Over on the Winnie, Beth pipes up, "The Wizard of Oz would be kind of cool." No, it wouldn't, Beth. Shut up. Everyone warms up to Kefla's bed bug idea. Kalle says that The Real World team will probably be the Spice Girls. Just then, Beth suggests the Spice Girls, to dead silence, and then Nathan says, "No." Heh. They hate Beth. Nathan likes the Village People idea, like that's so much better than Spice Girls. Hey, why am I defending Beth? In a war between Nathan and Beth, whose side would I take? Montana says that Jason should wear chaps and a g-string, and Jason says he would do it. In an interview, Janet says that she's attracted to people who don't "live under a ceiling of fear," and that describes Jason. I think I hate everyone on the Real World team. Montana is actually the most palatable to me. How sad is that? There's more talk of Janet's leopard-print underwear, but I can't bear to go into it.

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